Houston Engraving Services

Custom engraving is an excellent way to create signage, personalize gifts, and mark items with a more permanent look.

At FASTSIGNS Houston - West, we use both laser engraving and rotary engraving to produce high quality signage for all industries as well as corporate gifts and other items. By having both types of engravers in-house along with our digital printing and routing capabilities, we are able to provide complete solutions for all types of visual communication challenges.

Below you’ll find all the details of our engraving services but if you’re ready you can Request a Quote or give us a call at 713-784-7446 to get started with one of our representatives.

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Types of Engraved Products

Engraving services can be used to create a number of different products. Below are some of the most frequent applications:

ADA Signs

engraved signs
We can design, produce, and install engraved signs such as ADA compliant braille signs for your entire building. This is our specialty as we work with many of the largest property management companies in Houston, TX to replace their aging braille signs.

We can match your existing signage or create a design from scratch to outfit every room in your building.

Directory strips

hospital directory board engraving
Directory strips for your office building directory are most often engraved. We frequently create new strips for property management companies as new tenants move in and out of the building.

Nameplates & Name Tags

Many companies provide engraved nameplates for their employees to display outside of their office or cubicle and also on their desk. There are tons of color combinations and finishes to choose from when using engraving stock.


engraved awards houston
Laser engraving allows us to create beautiful glass and acrylic awards. There are hundreds of unique styles to choose from.

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts can include all sorts of items from custom engraved poker chip sets to Yeti tumblers and USB flash drives. Let us know what you had in mind and we’ll see what we can come up with to make your company stand out.

Industrial Tags

Looking for engraved tags to label your equipment with serial numbers or other identification? We can help! We can provide engraved tags for all your manufactured products.

Firearm Engraving

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer firearm engraving services.

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Our laser engraver is one of our favorite pieces of equipment in the shop because it’s fast and efficient. We use it mostly for engraving or cutting acrylic and plastic engraving stock however it can also be used for custom wood engraving.
laser engraved cutting board

While we use our 6ft x 8ft cnc router for most of our dimensional letter projects we often need tiny pieces that our router isn’t capable of cutting. In those cases we can use our laser engraver to cut the smaller, more intricate pieces of acrylic.

Another benefit of laser cutting acrylic is that you get a perfectly polished edge on your acrylic.

Rotary Engraving

Rotary engraving or mechanical engraving is a more traditional method similar to CNC routing. A rotary engraver uses an engraving bit that cuts into the material.

Our rotary engraver does not get used as often since we purchased our laser engraver many years ago however it still serves a purpose!

Many directory strips and older ADA signs were made using a mechanical engraver and this allows us to create replacements for older buildings.

Engraved signage

Additionally, we use our Gravograph rotary engraver to drill holes and insert braille beads in our ADA signs. Something we could not live without as we supply Houston buildings with so many of these signs!

Lastly, our CNC router is capable of engraving or carving much larger signs if needed. We often get requests for large wood carved signs and this allows us to produce those as well.

From banners and yard signs to channel letters and laser engraving - FASTSIGNS West Houston is your complete visual communication solutions provider!

To get started with your engraving project Request a Quote or give us a call at 713-784-7446!