Houston Yard Signs

Custom yard signs from FASTSIGNS - Houston West are just what you need to promote an event, advertise your service, sell a home, or run for office!

No matter what you’re looking to sell or promote, you’re probably looking for a reliable local sign company that can help you design and print your yard signs fast and affordably. We can help! 

Below you’ll find all the information you need to choose the right type of yard signs with a professional design.

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Types of Yard Signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs

Houston yard signs

When people ask us for yard signs they are most frequently requesting corrugated plastic signs with either a wire stake or wooden stake. Some people will also refer to these as bandit signs as they are frequently placed illegally on street medians.

Corrugated plastic, or coroplast, is a rigid material that is inexpensive, easy to print, and holds up well as a temporary outdoor yard sign. It is typically 4mm thick and 18” tall x 24” wide.

Wire “H” stakes can be inserted into the corrugated flutes and then pushed into the ground.

We print directly to the surface of coroplast yard signs with UV ink. Using our UV flatbed printer we are able to print large runs of signs with same day or next day turnarounds.

Real Estate signs

Real estate yard signs are typically made from corrugated plastic or .040” thick aluminum. The difference is that they generally use an angle iron frame and are double-sided.

Custom real estate signs can be designed from scratch for a FSBO or using your brokerage’s artwork.

Political Signs

political signs houston

Political campaign signs are almost always corrugated plastic. This is because they are ordered in high quantities and perfect for displaying on the front lawn during a campaign season.

We digitally print corrugated campaign signs in full color, so there’s no change in price for full color signs like there would be if you used a screen printer. It also means we are capable of printing your yard signs FAST if you happen to run out right before the election!

Yard Cards

Yard cards or lawn greetings are coroplast signs that spell out a message such as “Happy Birthday” on someone’s front lawn. They are generally rented for an event and removed within a day or two.

While we are capable of producing yard cards we currently do not offer them as a rental service. We have produced an entire inventory for new yard card businesses though!

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Ordering Yard Signs

Sizes and Pricing

The most common size is 24”x18” but a smaller option is 18”x12. These two sizes work well with wire stakes.

We can produce any size yard sign you would like but keep in mind that sizes much larger than 24”x18” will be too heavy for use with wire stakes and will require wood stakes.

Quantity breaks are given at the following quantities:

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500


Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time is 2 business days after final approval although we may be able to accommodate same day and next day rush orders.

Art Requirements

Our graphic designers are capable of designing your yard signs our you can provide your own sign design. Providing a simple layout using any provided files is included in your order. Additional design time can be purchased if needed.

We prefer vector files which are most commonly created in Adobe Illustrator and saved as .ai, .pdf, or .eps.

Raster images such as .jpg, .tiff, .png or Adobe Photoshop files are acceptable but for best results these will need to be saved at 150 dpi (minimum) at the full size of the print. Lower resolution raster images will appear "pixelated" or blurry if printed for signage.

If you will be requesting new versions of your files from your own graphic designer, please ask them to embed all images and create outlines from the text OR attach any linked images and fonts separately.

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Bandit Sign Laws

Beware: It is illegal place bandit signs in public areas such as esplanades and public roadsides in the city of Houston, TX.

The fine ranges from $300 - $500 and a warrant may be issued for your arrest! At a minimum the may be collected and thrown away. Only place your corrugated yard signs on property that is your own or with permission of the property owner.

Always check with your local municipalities and property associations before placing an order with us!

High quality custom yard signs from FASTSIGNS - Houston West are a cost effective form of outdoor advertising. Let us know how else we can help you with your visual communications!