FASTSIGNS Featured by Aline Phone Systems

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Maumee, OH

In an effort to consolidate, one of the solutions the new phone system provided was to have only one service provider at Karrie’s separate FASTSIGNS locations. The increased support the team received in addition to a unified phone solution provided great value to her as a business owner.

The piece highlighted how the former system was challenging to use. Because they were using two separate phone systems, they could not transfer calls. Aline entered the scene and provided a cloud-based phone system with a desktop app and mobile app for easy access. This new system brought an array of solutions including the ability to send customers directly from one location to another and more easily connect employees between each location. The team can also now work from anywhere, which has been helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their new solution through Aline Phone Systems incorporated simplicity and ease between the two centers with one system, enhanced support and a cost-effective professional experience for their customers.

allison miller with a phone system

To read more, visit the link here, and to hear an interview with Karrie, visit the link here.