Fastsigns Featured in TK Business Magazine

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Topeka, KS

Steve Gee Shares how FASTSIGNS Weathered 2020.

Steve Gee, franchisee at FASTSIGNS of Topeka was recently featured in the TK Business Magazine. The article shared how many industries were in need of new signs during 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gee shared that their business saw an increase with the demand, and their team spent many long hours working to deliver the signs and graphics their customers needed. 

The piece also featured the wide variety of signs that FASTSIGNS can create and even went through and detailed signs around the community that they have, in fact, created at FASTSIGNS of Topeka. It shined a great spotlight on all of the amazing work that FASTSIGNS has done to support their fellow local businesses over the years. Focusing on the size and scope of these sign projects, the writer showed that Steve and his team must have the ideal equipment, noting the types of machinery that they have in their center. Steve gave a lovely nod to his wife when he shared that part of their success as a business was due to her personable nature and community-building in the area. 

The article featured their background story of opening the center in Topeka with a brand new baby, how they rented their first center and eventually that they decided to purchase a space and lease out the adjacent spaces. It recognized their great success in their 24 years as business owners and Gee’s joy of being a business owner and managing his own schedule. 

Finally, the article closed with a wonderful community highlight about Gee’s focus on mentoring others in his community through local high school students, the school district, the local Chamber and Meals on Wheels weekly. To read the entire article that highlights the above and more, visit the link here.