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Lost and Found 2020: Get the End of Year Bang for your Buck with Signage

While businesses have weathered a variety of challenges in 2020 and some may have scaled back financially, now is the time to take heart and take a closer look at your budget during the home stretch of the year. According to a study on the U.S. Small Business Administration website signage is the l

FASTSIGNS Gift Guide for Customers We Appreciate

After what has been a historic year in more ways than we could have ever imagined, the finish line nears. Giving thanks and appreciating those around us feels extra important. As the holiday season ramps up, we begin to seek out gift ideas for those around us. As business owners who have fought thro

5 Ways Your Business or Organization Can Help Support Our Troops

At FASTSIGNS, we are grateful for the men and women who have or are currently serving in the military. As Veterans Day nears, we reflect on those who have served our country. In the spirit of sharing our passion of gratitude for our military and their families, here are a few ideas on how your com

The Three C’s for Encouraging Customer Confidence This Holiday Season

This will be a historical holiday season of 2020 - one that comes on the heels of learning gratitude, a sense of mystery and a year of making it through together. The holidays have often been a season of holly jolly and hustle bustle, but with a change in the weather and economic climate, fewer peop

A Day in the Life: Maria delFierro, Graphic Design/Production Manager

For Maria delFierro, Graphic Design/Production Manager and master of many skills at FASTSIGNS of San Diego, CA - Mira Mesa, her career path led her exactly where she needed to be. After graduating from the Art Institute of California - San Diego, she followed the same path as some of her family mem


For many people buying signs and visual graphics, the only team members they have contact with are those who are a part of the sales team. Often, clients assume that the Account Executives or the Sales Representatives are the people who are designing and making their signs and visual graphics. But,

5 Scary Signs from Classic Halloween Horror Movies

Whether you’re a scary movie buff or have just seen a few of the classics, you know one thing: the signs often point to disaster. Halloween horror movie signs are designed as ominous and foreboding, to help clue the audience in on dark things to come. As the camera pans across some of the mos

Reinventing Your Workspace for the New Abnormal

It doesn’t seem that long ago that working from home was a “wouldn’t it be nice?” thought for many. One global pandemic later and countless individuals who previously commuted into work have had to quickly adapt to working from the comfort of their home. Almost a year into t

A Day in the Life: Sam Leopard, Outside Sales Manager

Leopards are well-known for being skilled climbers, the agility they possess, and how they symbolically stand for the ability to carry out many tasks simultaneously. For Sam Leopard, a skilled Outside Sales Professional at FASTSIGNS® of Fort Worth - Alliance Blvd, his agility and sales acumen h

Upgrade COVID Signs to Match Your Brand

COVID-19 has become a way of life for everyone. While businesses quickly installed signs at the start the pandemic, these rogue signs can now actually do harm to a business. When adding signs to a pre-existing set of graphics, this creates visual clutter. Because of this, you risk creating confusion

Celebrating Sign Manufacturing Day: How the Sign Industry Continues to Be Relevant

Sign Manufacturing Day is Friday, October 2, and FASTSIGNS International Inc. will once again celebrate this annually recognized industry holiday. In partnership with the National Association of Manufacturers’ Manufacturing Day, the International Sign Association promotes Sign Manufacturing Da

How Signs and Graphics Can Create a More Positive Voting Experience

With some voting by mail and some voting in person, there are several ways the 2020 election season will commence. For those who are comfortable visiting the polls in November, signs and graphics will play an incredible civic duty by informing, directing and protecting voters in this historic elect

How One Franchisee’s 14,000-Foot Goal Mirrors Success in Business

The alarm announces 2 a.m. and Larissa Croll, dedicated hiker and franchisee at FASTSIGNS® of Englewood-Littleton, rises from her comfortable bed to accomplish a goal she’s been prepping for over the last several months to attain. She and her hiking companion travel the hour and a half dr

Marketing in Challenging Times - How to Survive an Economic Downturn

The world around is changing due to COVID-19 for businesses and individuals, alike. Many are having to figure out how to do more with less. Some are trying to figure this all out while working away from their office and, potentially, helping kids navigate virtual learning.acco Regardless of the cir

Cultivate Creativity and Promote Safety with Back to School Signs and Graphics

Amidst an ongoing and unpredictable pandemic, everything in our day-to-day lives has shifted—from the way we play and shop to the way we work and live. Students, teachers and staff have begun returning to school buildings around the world and their safety is more important than ever. Schools a

How to Create an Effective Wayfinding System

Wayfinding is a universal need. From the moment someone arrives at your facility or property, until the moment they leave, directional signs and graphics have the ability to make or break a visitor's experience. Effective wayfinding signage helps create a more productive, organized navigation exper

The Character of a Golf Course, Brought to Life with Signs

For those itching to get outside in 2020, a round of golf has less to do with power fades, punch shots and sand saves than the smell of freshly cut grass, relaxed atmosphere and camaraderie that comes with 18 holes of play. There’s a certain charm that each golf course carries – a deep h

Local FASTSIGNS Assists Local Chamber and Economy with Banner Donation Project

FASTSIGNS® of Lincolnwood has embarked on a new endeavor to assist their community through a donation banner program for local businesses who are members of the Lincolnwood Chamber of Commerce. The "Welcome Back" banners support the Chamber and provide much-needed visibility to businesses as the

Custom Safety Signage to Promote Pool Safety During the Pandemic

It is the time of year when swimming pools are packed with families and kids ready to take advantage of the summer weather. But with that excitement also comes an unfortunate danger: drowning. Swimming is one of the most dangerous summer activities for children as well as adults. According to the C

Fun During a Pandemic? How Signs and Graphics Help You Enjoy the 5 W’s of Summer 2020

We all know summer 2020 is not going to look like anything we expected. Instead of focusing on the Why, the When will it end and the Worry about what could happen, there are 5 positive W’s of summer that are great to focus on. Visual communication solutions work hard so people can enjoy their

Combatting Pandemic Fatigue: Staying Positive in Unusual Times

I struggle to find the words to describe our last several months since the world has been battling the COVID-19 pandemic: unprecedented, unparalleled, unequalled, unmatched, unrivalled, uncharted, surreal, anomalous. Even this combination of words seem to miss the complete impact. In spite of thi

How Fatherhood is a lot like Being a Small Business Owner

We are approaching Father’s Day on the heels of an unprecedented pandemic, and no one understands challenges more than fathers and small business owners. Some even represent both of these categories, and some have the opportunity to work with their adult children professionally. In all types

4 Classic Road Trip Signs

The romance and adventure of a road trip holds a special place in American culture. From Kerouac’s On the Road to “Get Your Kicks on Route 66” to “Thelma and Louise”, the idea of taking off on the open road sparks flights of imagination and an endless sense of possibil

Local FASTSIGNS Helps a Breast Cancer Survivor Celebrate

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has been keeping families apart, FASTSIGNS® of Pickerington-Reynoldsburg found a way for one cancer survivor to share an amazing milestone in her healing journey with family and friends. Stacey was a breast cancer patient at OSU’s Stefanie Spielman Comprehe

Charlotte FASTSIGNS Celebrates Students with Signs and Donates Portion of Proceeds to Relief Fund

FASTSIGNS® of Charlotte, NC-Independence Blvd’s franchisee, Yazan Alhakim, wanted to support his community and fellow alumni at UNCC, as well as other Charlotte schools. “While understandable in the current climate, I was disappointed that the commencement and graduation ceremonies

Customization is Key to Help Small Businesses Adapt to New Normal

Signs and graphics are what helped essential businesses and organizations communicate during an unprecedented pandemic and mass quarantine. Now, with gradual reopening, it is vital for small businesses to have the right visual communications in place. These custom signs and visual graphics should s

3 Ways to Celebrate Your Graduate During Social Distancing

This year, traditional graduation ceremonies and celebrations have been canceled due to COVID-19. Parents of preschoolers and kindergartners were excited to help their little ones mark this milestone in the beginning of their educational journey. High school seniors missed out on potential college

5 Ways to Recognize and Appreciate Remote Employees

Our way of life and the way we work in it has changed a great deal in the last month. Millions are now working remotely, many for the first time. Adapting to working away from their place of business, daily office routines and coworkers presents new challenges. Here are five ways to help keep morale

How Signs and Graphics Promote an Attitude of Gratitude During COVID-19 Quarantine

Herman Melville, talented author of the classic, Moby Dick, once said, "We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men." As communities and small businesses across the country and world have come together during coronavirus pandemic despite distance, we have slo

Amid COVID-19 Learn Tips for Working from Home WIthout Losing Your Sanity

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses and organizations to transition their office labor force to work remotely in order to keep employees safe. Many are not only working from their homes for the first time, but doing so with family members and roommates in close proximity. For those adap

How Small Businesses are Adapting to Make an Impact in Their Community

The entrepreneurial mindset is one that drives innovation and creative ways of thinking. During times of challenge and great uncertainty, innovation breeds success—often thanks to those who make up the small business world. Many designers and textile brands have shifted their focus to making

Five Ways Your Business Can Show Support to other Local Businesses and Organizations

Despite the uncertain times that many business owners are facing, remember that we all can “get by with a little help from their friends.” Lifting others up is a great way to strengthen your community while giving yourself something positive to focus on. Here are five ways you might be a

Visual Communications and Creative Trends You Should Know for 2020

Today’s marketing world requires content that will stand out in the crowd. Eye-catching visuals and content capture potential customers and help keep interest in your brand. Relevant social media posts, interesting blogs, streaming video and captivating graphics all work together to build enga

How to Prepare Your Business for the Worst While Expecting the Best: Steps to Take and Signs to Place

In light of the growing concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, business owners are assessing operations and ways to keep employees safe. While many are finding ways for staff to work remotely, some still require employees to work onsite, especially those within the service and health ind

How Directories are the Heart of a Better Experience at Big Events

Planning an event involves many moving pieces. Like the human body that is an intricate makeup of various cells and signals, sign directories are like the heart of an event. They are the powerhouses when it comes to housing the information needed for your event communication strategy. A component of

How to Extend Your Event Theme Using Unique Applications

At each phase of your event — before, during and after — signs and visual graphics can help build traffic, inform about activities, guide people around, generate excitement, communicate your message and extend the theme of the event. Below are some of the challenges that you might face

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