Meet the Staff

  • Kim Gilpin - Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Kim Gilpin

    Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)
    Kim comes to us with more than just his dashing good looks.  He has 35+ years of business experience and has held several leadership positions throughout his career.  Having grown up in West Michigan, and raising his own children here, it was very important to Kim to start his business in the community he loves.  Currently, Kim is involved in sales, but he is also in charge of most of the day to day business activities:  paying bills, advertising, making deliveries… you know, all of the fun stuff.  Coworkers would describe him as a great team leader who has a love of Grand Rapids and an unfailing positive attitude.
  • Judy Gilpin – Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Judy Gilpin

    Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)
    Judy often responds to “Mom”. And like any mom, Judy wears a variety of hats in our organization.  She is the bookkeeper, but also keeps the fridge stocked.  She is an installer, but is also our resident nurse.  She can weed vinyl, answer phones, handle a variety of power tools, and she fears no ladder.  You may have even seen her up on a lift installing the giant Griffins decals on VanAndel Arena! Having grown up in West Michigan and marrying her high school love, Kim, it was an easy choice when deciding where to begin their new adventure together.  Coworkers would describe Judy as a hardworking, fun-loving “Jill of all trades”.
  • Michael Gilpin – Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Michael Gilpin

    Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)
    Mike is a huge sign geek… and proud of it!  He is really the “captain” of our team.  He is always researching new materials and processes to help our team, but more importantly, to provide better solutions for customers.  He is the leader of our sales team, and also participates in several committees on the national level – where he is always first to brag about the good things happening within our local community.  Coworkers would describe Mike as the “Big Brother” of the group.  He is protective, super encouraging, and at times… a little goofy.
  • Nicole Souer – Lead Graphic Designer (Nov. 2005)

    Nicole Souer

    Lead Graphic Designer (Nov. 2005)
    Nikki had no idea what she was getting herself into when she signed on with the Gilpins back in 2005, but she jumped right in and has become a signage rock star!  This Kendall College of Art and Design grad even met her husband at a national signage convention – now that’s love!  Nikki’s main focus is design, but she also helps manage the production team and the flow of work to our equipment. She is constantly looking for ways to improve our practices in the “back of the house”, leading to more efficient days and fewer  mistakes. She is extremely creative and resourceful, which really comes in handy for some of the challenges that the sales team throws at her. Coworkers would describe Nikki as an energetic leader who is enthusiastic and incredibly driven.
  • Melissa Kinstner – Sales Team Leader and Marketing (Feb. 2008)

    Melissa Kinstner

    Sales Team Leader and Marketing (Feb. 2008)
    Mel was fresh out of Grand Valley with a shiny marketing degree when she joined our team.  She has held a couple of different positions here throughout the years, but under Mike’s coaching is now leading the sales team and handles most of our in-house marketing.  Melissa is very relationship focused and has no problem going the extra mile to make sure our clients are completely satisfied.  She has an irrational fear of spiders and the dentist, and she may be found listening to Christmas music in her office at any given time.  Coworkers would describe Melissa as very small and always plotting to fatten them up with various baked goods.
  • Carlene Langusch – Production Manager/Designer (Sep. 2009)

    Carlene Langusch

    Production Manager/Designer (Sep. 2009)
    Carlene is one of the few team members who came to us with previous sign experience.  She is now in charge of the production team and oversees all of the projects being built in house.  She works very closely with Nikki to improve practices and efficiency, while also helping with design. Carlene leads our team meeting each morning which allows everyone to know what to expect for that day and ask question as necessary.  When not at work, she can be spotted driving to the U.P., growing something tasty in her garden, playing with her adorable nephews, or sampling the newest craft brews. Coworkers would describe Carlene as knowledgeable, witty, and pleasantly sarcastic.
  • Kristy Hoffa – Account Manager (Sep. 2010)

    Kristy Hoffa

    Account Manager (Sep. 2010)
    Kristy was actually recommended to us by a customer, and as the saying always goes, the customer is always right!  Kristy is typically the one to answer the phone, or greet customers with a smile when they come to visit us. She provides wonderful service to her customers, while also keeping track of all the comings and goings of the sales team.  This ability to multi-task ensures that all of our orders move through the system, regardless of who is in (or out of) the office at the time. She is still waiting for Amy Shumer to respond to her friend request, but is holding out hope!  Co-workers would describe Kristy as a bit of an exaggerator, who loves to laugh, and is awesome at keeping her cool in stressful situations.
  • 467-tom-albaitis-production

    Thomas Albaitis

    Production Team (Aug. 2011)
    Tom is an avid sports fan and can almost always be found wearing his favorite teams ball cap. He also comes to us with previous sign experience and we have benefited greatly from his “outside perspective” on how to do things. Tom is our Zund cutting expert, but he also handles most of the construction of the actual signs – especially the really unique and/or labor intensive ones.  He is pretty quiet, so you probably wouldn’t suspect that he was also the drummer for a local rock band.  Co-workers would describe Tom as a devoted team member and family man who can always reach things “way up high”.
  • Karen Wolf – Business Administration/Accounts Receivable (Sept. 2012)

    Karen Wolf

    Business Administration/Accounts Receivable (Sept. 2012)
    Karen may or may not be wonder woman. The verdict is still out on that one. She comes to us with a history rich in experience and leadership, and is willing to help out wherever she is needed. She mostly handles our accounts receivable, but she is also happy to consult with the Gilpins on business questions, and has no problem stepping up to help the production and sales teams when needed. She is a member of numerous boards and committees, so if you don’t know her yet, you’ll probably meet her sooner or later – Lucky you! Co-workers would describe Karen as a Spartan for life, who is always on the go, and enjoys life to its fullest.
  • Nick Slagstad – Production Team (Jan. 2013)

    Nick Slagstad

    Production Team (Jan. 2013)
    Nick is our youngest team member, but you probably wouldn’t know it! He is in charge of running Ana, our giant flatbed printer, and also backs up Tom with the Zund cutter. While his machines are running, you can find him bobbing his head to his music and adding the finishing touches to the signs he just printed. Co-workers would describe Nick as a music loving “hippy” who acts both mature beyond his age… and exactly his age.
  • Pam Schultz – Production Team (Jan. 2014)

    Pam Schultz

    Production Team (Jan. 2014)
    Pam initially joined our team to fill the gap while Nikki was on Maternity Leave, but we liked her so much that we officially asked her to join our team full-time in July of 2014! Pam’s signage experience is evident when you see her work both the solvent and latex printers, and the production table. When she is not working, she can be found hanging out with her teenagers, and/or doing something motorcycle related. (Her bike is really cool). Coworkers would describe Pam as a team player, who takes pride in all that she does, while maintaining a great sense of (professional) humor.
  • Tim Sinen – Account Manager (May 2014)

    Tim Sinen

    Account Manager (May 2014)
    Tim graduated from GVSU (Go Lakers!) and comes to us with a TON of customer service experience. While not having any signage experience coming in, he has flourished at the front counter and is now meeting with customers on their own turf. He is also quickly becoming our vehicle wrap guru. He is super friendly and loves chatting with customers about cars, sports, shoes, music, the weather, food... and of course, signs! Coworkers are in awe of Tim’s socks, and would describe him as being detailed oriented and comfortable in all kinds of new situations.
  • Shawn Commons – Vehicle Wrap Installer (September 2015)

    Shawn Commons

    Production Team (Aug. 2015)

    Shawn is our Production Flow Specialist.  He joined the team with a long history of large format printing experience under his belt and now he makes sure jobs keep moving through our shop in an organized and efficient manner.  Not only does he handle the finishing of most signs, but he is also quick to step up and run different equipment when a team member is out.  He can even step in to wrap an entire vehicle when needed!  When not at work, Shawn can most likely be found helping at church, or hanging out with his family.  Most coworkers would describe Shawn as a fast learner with laid back attitude, but Judy might add that he is the reason she can now go to Florida once in a while.

  • AlexTurnwall1

    Alex Turnwall

    Account Manager (Feb. 2016)

    When Alex was studying Biology at GVSU she never imagined herself selling signs, but you would never know that from working with her – she’s a natural!  Whether she is answering the phone, responding to emails, or caring for customers in the showroom, she is always smiling and ready to help.  She has joined the “U of M” cheering section at FASTSIGNS, which puts her in good company (GO BLUE), but has the Spartan fans shaking their heads.  Coworkers would describe Alex as an awesome multi-tasker and team player, with a fun-loving spirit and infectious laugh.

  • ReghanMoore1

    Reghan Moore

    Sales Assistant (April 2016)

    Reghan was hired to help the sales team with day-to-day tasks and now we don’t know how we ever did it without her!  She can be found entering orders for the sales team while they are out of the office, sending proofs, quality checking finished orders, shipping items to customers, and just being a rock star in general.  She is a self-described “foodie” who enjoys discovering all of the fun things to do in Grand Rapids.   Her coworkers would describe her as a hardworking ninja – getting all kinds of things done without ever being seen.

  • Jeff Horst

    Jeff Horst

    Vehicle Wrapper/Installer (June 2016)
    Jeff is our newest team member, but calling him the “newbie” doesn’t quite work with all of his past experience.  I mean, the guy wraps vehicle AFTER work for fun!  When he is not wrapping vehicles, he can be found helping out in production with the finishing of signs, or out on the town installing them!  When not at work, Jeff can be found in class working towards his business degree, or spending time with friends and family.  Coworkers would describe Jeff (lovingly known to some as Leroy) as quiet and extremely hardworking, and they love hearing about the new ideas/processes that he brings to table.