Meet Our Team

  • Kim Gilpin - Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Kim Gilpin


    Kim comes to us with more than just his dashing good looks. He has 35+ years of business experience and has held several leadership positions throughout his career. Having grown up in West Michigan, and raising his own children here, it was very important to Kim to start his business in the community he loves. Currently, Kim is involved in sales, but he is also in charge of most of the day to day business activities: paying bills, advertising, making deliveries… you know, all of the fun stuff. Coworkers would describe him as a great team leader who has a love of Grand Rapids and an unfailing positive attitude.

  • Judy Gilpin – Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Judy Gilpin


    Judy often responds to “Mom”. And like any mom, Judy wears a variety of hats in our organization. She is the bookkeeper, but also keeps the fridge stocked. She is an installer, but is also our resident nurse. She can weed vinyl, answer phones, handle a variety of power tools, and she fears no ladder. You may have even seen her up on a lift installing the giant Griffins decals on VanAndel Arena! Having grown up in West Michigan and marrying her high school love, Kim, it was an easy choice when deciding where to begin their new adventure together. Coworkers would describe Judy as a hardworking, fun-loving “Jill of all trades”.

  • Mike Gilpin 2019

    Michael Gilpin

    Co-Owner (Nov. 2005)

    Mike has always been the leader of our team but as of January 1, 2018, he and his wife, Erin Gilpin, also took on full ownership of the company.  While Mike is an incredibly driven individual, he has grown to appreciate what each day brings, and he really enjoys hearing the laughter of team members as they interact with one another.  But it’s not all fun and games here, and because of their determination and perseverance for close to 14 years, Mike has both confidence and extraordinary pride in the team that has been created.

    When not wearing his FASTSIGNS hat, Michael can most likely be found at his church, at a soccer field cheering on his daughter, or at one of his son’s performances - being in awe of his talents and abilities. And if he isn't there, he may have snuck off to his weekly date night with the love of his life.

    The quotes he hangs onto are:

    "Success is rented, it is not owned. And the rent is due every day". - Rory Vaden

    "You don't build a business, you build up people, and then people build the business". - Zig Ziglar

    "Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of others." - Philippians 2:3-4

  • Nicole Souer

    Nicole Souer

    Lead Graphic Designer (Nov. 2005)
    Meet Nicole (Video)

    Nikki had no idea what she was getting herself into when she signed on with the Gilpins back in 2005, but she jumped right in and has become a signage rock star! This Kendall College of Art and Design grad even met her husband at a national signage convention – now that’s love! Nikki’s main focus is design, but she also helps manage the production team and the flow of work to our equipment. She is constantly looking for ways to improve our practices in the “back of the house”, leading to more efficient days and fewer mistakes. She is extremely creative and resourceful, which really comes in handy for some of the challenges that the sales team throws at her. Coworkers would describe Nikki as an energetic leader who is enthusiastic and incredibly driven.

  • Carlene Langusch – Production Manager/Designer (Sep. 2009)

    Carlene Langusch

    Production Manager/Designer (Sep. 2009)

    Carlene is one of the few team members who came to us with previous sign experience She is now in charge of the production team and oversees all of the projects being built in-house. She works very closely with Nikki to improve practices and efficiency, while also helping with design. Carlene leads our team meeting each morning which allows everyone to know what to expect for that day and ask questions as necessary. When not at work, she can be spotted driving to the U.P., growing something tasty in her garden, playing with her adorable nephews, or sampling the newest craft brews. Coworkers would describe Carlene as knowledgeable, witty, and pleasantly sarcastic.

  • Kristy Hoffa – Account Manager (Sep. 2010)

    Kristy Hoffa

    Account Manager (Sep. 2010)

    Kristy was actually recommended to us by a customer, and as the saying always goes, the customer is always right! Kristy is quick to answer the phone, or greet customers with a smile when they come to visit us. Customers who are used to seeing her at the front desk may be a little surprised to see her tucked away now, but don’t worry, that new desk provides fewer distractions and allows Kristy to manage bigger, more detailed projects.  She is still waiting for Amy Shumer to respond to her friend request, but is holding out hope! Co-workers would describe Kristy as a bit of an exaggerator, who loves to laugh, and is awesome at keeping her cool in stressful situations.

  • 467-tom-albaitis-production

    Thomas Albaitis

    Production Team (Aug. 2011)
    Meet Thomas (Video)

    Tom is an avid sports fan and can almost always be found wearing his favorite teams ball cap. He also comes to us with previous sign experience and we have benefitted greatly from his “outside perspective” on how to do things. Tom is our Zund cutting expert, but he also handles most of the construction of the actual signs – especially the really unique and/or labor intensive ones. He is pretty quiet, so you probably wouldn’t suspect that he was also the drummer for a local rock band. Co-workers would describe Tom as a devoted team member and family man who can always reach things “way up high”.

  • Nick Slagstad – Production Team (Jan. 2013)

    Nick Slagstad

    Production Team (Jan. 2013)

    Nick started with us when he was still pretty young, so it’s been a joy to see him continue to learn and grow with the company, and to “grow up” outside of work. He has become an expert at running and caring for Hercules, our giant flatbed printer, and he also backs up Tom with the Zund cutter. While his machines are running, you can find him bobbing his head to his music and adding the finishing touches to the signs he just printed. Co-workers would describe Nick as a music loving “hippy” who acts both mature beyond his age… and exactly his age.

  • Tim Sinen – Account Manager (May 2014)

    Tim Sinen

    Production Team

    Tim graduated from GVSU (Go Lakers!) and comes to us with a TON of customer service experience. While not having any signage experience coming in, he originally flourished at the front counter, then met with customers on their own turf as part of the outside sales team, and NOW is part of our production team! The perspective he brings to the team through wearing all of these hats is invaluable!  Coworkers are in awe of Tim’s socks, and would describe him as being detailed oriented and comfortable in all kinds of new situations.

  • Shawn Commons – Vehicle Wrap Installer (September 2015)

    Shawn Commons

    Production Team (Aug. 2015)

    Shawn is our Production Flow Specialist.  He joined the team with a long history of large format printing experience under his belt and now he makes sure jobs keep moving through our shop in an organized and efficient manner.  Not only does he handle the finishing of most signs, but he is also quick to step up and run different equipment when a team member is out.  He can even step in to wrap a vehicle when needed!  When not at work, Shawn can most likely be found helping at church, or hanging out with his family.  Most coworkers would describe Shawn as a fast learner with laid back attitude, but Judy might add that he is the reason she can now go to Florida once in a while.

  • AlexTurnwall1

    Alex Cook

    Account Manager (Feb. 2016)

    When Alex was studying Biology at GVSU she never imagined herself selling signs, but you would never know that from working with her – she’s a natural! Whether she is answering the phone, responding to emails, or caring for customers in the showroom, she is always smiling and ready to help. She has joined the “U of M” cheering section at FASTSIGNS, which puts her in good company (GO BLUE), but has the Spartan fans shaking their heads. Coworkers would describe Alex as an awesome multi-tasker and team player, with a fun-loving spirit and infectious laugh.

  • Erin Gilpin - Accounts Payable

    Erin Gilpin

    Accounts Payable (Sept. 2017) - Co-Owner

    Erin is technically the newest member of our team, but because she is married to Mike, she has actually been a part of the business every step of the way, and we are so glad that she has stepped out from “behind the scenes”. These days she’s in charge of Accounts Payable and Payroll, which makes her an MVP among vendors and employees alike! When not working, Erin can generally be found volunteering at school, or attending one of the kids’ several events.  Coworkers would describe her as detail oriented, selfless, and fun-loving!

  • Chris Ebrom

    Chris Ebrom

    Account Manager (July 2017)

    Chris is an MSU graduate that went to school to be a teacher and a coach, and it was coaching that eventually lead him to selling athletic apparel to schools and teams all over the country. His experience is obvious as he jumps right into his role with our sales team. He is a quick learner, and is excited to meet with customers to go over their newest projects. He hasn’t forgotten about the kids though, when not working, you can probably find him assisting some of his wrestling buddies, or leading small training camps on his own. His coworkers would describe Chris as energic and ready to go! And some coworkers are excited to have another Spartan on their side – Go Green!

  • Patrick McCahill

    Patrick McCahill

    Production Team (July 2017)

    Patrick comes to us with previous production experience, which is good, because we threw him right into the mix! He is now in charge of all of our roll-to-roll printers, and keeping things moving onto their next step. He is also looking forward to learning more about our other equipment as he grows with us. Coworkers would describe Patrick as a hard worker who is also quick to chat about music, or geek-out on comic books with them.

  • Laura Mason

    Laura Mason

    Graphic Design (July 2017)

    Laura’s start date above is a little misleading because she has actually been a part of our team for years now! Starting as a contract employee when Nikki was on maternity leave, Laura has been helping with design work during all of our busiest times and has really grown her in sign knowledge. So when we needed full time help in our graphics department, the decision was a no-brainer. She can now be found creating dazzling proofs, or helping Carlene push files through to production. When not at work she can probably be found with a glass of wine and a good book. Coworkers are excited to see which color her hair will be today, and are often very jealous of her shoes.

  • Wesley Bekins

    Wesley Bekins

    Account Manager (August 2017)

    Wesley came to us by recommendation of her long-time friend, Alex, and now they work together at the front counter greeting our customers and answering all kinds of inquiries. She has learned the business quickly and her customers love her positive attitude. While there is a lot of laughing going on up front, don’t let that fool you, these women mean business and are working extremely hard to keep orders moving quickly. When not working, Wesley might be found running, camping, or going on other adventures. Coworkers describe her as energetic and passionate, with just enough sarcasm to fit right in.

  • Jason Souer - Director of Installation

    Jason Souer

    Director of Installation (Feb. 2018)

    Jason comes to us with loads of experience and expertise, which means he gets to answer the question: “How would YOU do ____?” several times a day.  Whether he is wrapping a vehicle, hanging dimensional letters, or figuring out some new bracket, etc. Jason can be found executing his work carefully and concisely, while also offering explanations (and the occasional joke) to the client.  When not a work, Jason may be found hitting up the disc golf course, munching on some black licorice, or possibly cheering on his Iowa Hawkeyes.  Coworkers would describe him as a classic man’s man… who also occasionally sings princess songs he learned from his daughter.

  • Matt Swacina

    Matt Swacina

    Production Team (Sept. 2018)

    Matt joined us at our busiest time of the year and he jumped in head first! Coming from the teaching world, he knows how to stay cool in stressful situations, which has helped him learn the sign making processes and machinery very quickly. But he’s not done there! He is excited to master more of the equipment and maybe even try his hand at installations. When not at work, Matt may be found on the soccer field, fiddling in photography, or playing a self-proclaimed “nerdy” board game. Coworkers would describe Matt as the strong, but silent type, and they secretly judge him for his love of the Chicago Bears.

  • Alex O

    Alex O

    Accounts Receivable and Administrative

    Alex joined our team as the second team member named Alex. He quickly became “Alex O”. While the sign industry is far from new for Alex, growing up in his father’s sign business, he has taken on new roles and responsibilities. When he isn’t quality checking the finished products, pulling permits, actively collecting receivables, you may find him providing our team a review in our weekly newsletter of a local eatery or poorly performing check scanner. His witty sense of humor makes the reviews a delight to read.