Meet the Staff

  • rob-animation

    Rob Richmond

    Franchisee - Owner


    What do you like most about FASTSIGNS?
    The small business environment…. I love our team of people and our 'can do' approach to tight deadlines and difficult challenges. It's fast-paced and very rewarding.
    How you have grown at FASTSIGNS?
    I have a much better balance after managing in a small business environment. We don't get too stressed about problems and mistakes, we fix them quickly, keep the customer happy and move on.
    Hobbies Outside of FASTSIGNS?
    Golf, travel and reading. Trying to keep a better work-life balance these days!
  • Laura-h-animation

    Laura Hoelscher

    Visual Communication Specialist


    What do you like most about FASTSIGNS?
    I like that we offer such a wide range of signage solutions for our customers. No challenge is too big or small we will come up with a plan.
    How have you grown at FASTSIGNS?
    Over the past several years I have learned you can never ask too many questions. I take pride in meeting with clients, brainstorming ideas together and seeing our vision through to fruition.
    What are your hobbies outside FASTSIGNS?
    I absolutely love any opportunity that I can get my toes in the sand. The beach is truly my “happy place”. If I can’t be there, than reading a great book on my deck is the nest best thing – with a glass of wine of course.
  • Jenn-animated

    Jenn Hill

    CSR / Social Media Manager


    What do you like most about FASTSIGNS?
    What I like the most about FASTSIGNS is, seeing all the visually stunning projects that we do every month.
    How have you grown at FASTSIGNS?
    As one of the newest employees, something that I have learned early on is to ask as many clarifying questions as you need to.
    What are your hobbies outside FASTSIGNS?
    When I’m not working, I love to watch anime. A couple of my favourite animes are, Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. I also love to read manga.
  • Lynne-animation

    Lynne Lam

    Graphic Design / Production


    What do you like most about FASTSIGNS? 
    I like seeing the projects that we’ve designed and produced, all the way to the end. Being able to see your projects come to life from digital to 3-dimensional is such a satisfying feeling. 
    How have you grown at FASTSIGNS?  
    I learned a lot since working here. Starting from designing only on the computer to actually producing signs, that I have designed, is definitely an experience. To be honest, I’m still always making mistakes but I learn from those errors and strive for the best until I get it right! 
    What are your hobbies outside FASTSIGNS? 
    Food has always been my passion because of my mom. I love to cook and eat, especially if it’s to try something new. I restaurant hop probably at least twice a year: where I would try to go to as many restaurants in a day and just eat. My record was 17 locations in a span of 2 days. (I’m proud)
  • Lauren-animation

    Lauren Martin

    Graphic Designer / Production


    What I like most about FASTSIGNS:
    The community! I love being apart of a smaller business and being able to learn, grow and expand with the business.
    How I have grown at FASTSIGNS:
    Coming right out of college, I knew nothing about signs or vehicle graphics. 4 years later I am able to troubleshoot how to build signs and help determine the best way to produce them. I have learnt a lot at FASTSIGNS, but everyday I am still learning something new!
    Hobbies outside of FASTSIGNS:
    My hobbies include but are not limited to baking, crochet/knitting, soccer, floor hockey, and painting.
  • Ryan-animation

    Ryan Red



    What do you like most about FASTSIGNS?
    I love working with my hands and gaining knowledge, FASTSIGNS is a perfect fit for a guy like me. My favorite signs are the ones that take brainstorming and problem solving to come up with new ways to create beautiful and unique signs. The coworkers here are great, I have had many different types of jobs and have never felt as comfortable working as I do here.
    How you have grown at FASTSIGNS?
    All of my skills and talents have been put to use and given room to grow including my old airbrushing hobby which led to new interesting types of sign work.  I have also gained a lot of new skills and techniques and continue to do so with great enthusiasm.
    Hobbies Outside of FASTSIGNS?
    I am a musician and eSports event caster in my spare time.
    I've been in and out of bands since I was very young and was even on a small tour in Canada with an old band, I currently am in a project that will hit the stage soon. When I'm not working or with the band I produce high quality live content for game events and tournaments, I also do stats for these events.