3 Reasons Strategic Signage Is Your Athletic Department’s Next MVP

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Annapolis, MD
An inflatable sign

What if you could increase team spirit across campus, maximize sponsorship revenue and streamline game-day logistics in an affordable, hassle-free process? Sounds like a pretty good deal, right? Your athletic department can accomplish all this and more by giving the industry-leading experts at FASTSIGNS a call today to get started on designing a customized, top-to-bottom strategic signage plan specifically designed to fit your budget without sacrificing on quality.

Pump Up the Crowd

The fans can be a difference-maker when the game is on the line. You want your stadiums sold out, arenas jam-packed and gyms full from courtside to the nosebleeds. Strategic signage is a highly effective method to generate hype around campus and throughout your local community to ensure your athletes get the support they deserve. FASTSIGNS has a diverse array of quality products to maximize attendance at all your athletic events. Amp up your audience from the moment they walk in the door with an eye-catching floor decal featuring non-slip, removable and fully customizable materials or deck out your school’s vehicles with digital wraps for mobile advertising that is low-cost, high impact and an effective promotional tool for your teams. The possibilities are endless—but don’t be overwhelmed! The experts at FASTSIGNS specialize in creating comprehensive strategic signage plans meticulously adjusted to fit perfectly in your venues and budget.

Max Out Return on Investment

Regardless of whether you run an NCAA Division I program or coordinate sporting events for the local high school, funding and budgetary concerns are a top priority for athletic departments large and small—and rightly so. Putting every penny to good use isn’t just sound business practice, it ensures that your hard-working athletes are provided with the best equipment, development opportunities and facilities as possible. Implementing graphics into your department’s marketing and outreach efforts is an affordable, high-yield return on investment to maximize sponsorship exposure; increase ticket, concessions and merchandise sales; and develop your school’s brand within the local community and beyond. Grab your audience’s attention and add visual impact to your venue with our wide variety of full-color backlit signs ideal for featuring key sponsorships or create a large impact with customized wind flags for outdoor events. The FASTSIGNS team prides itself in customer service and know exactly how to generate maximal return on investment—so for every dollar you spend on our high-end products, you’re simultaneously making a positive impact on your overall bottom line.

Knock Game Day Out of the Park

Organizing game day activities can be a major headache—between directing traffic, managing crowd-flow and providing directions to confused fans, an athletic director can be left wondering how to pull off a successful event without going crazy. Worry no more—FASTSIGNS offers a cost-effective solution for all your game day logistic hassles. Work with our experts to create customized indoor and outdoor directional signage to help fans identify seating sections, concessions, parking lots, restrooms, exits and more. Ensure an injury-free environment by trusting our team to design and install safety signage for foul balls, flying pucks, and other common risk management signage often required by insurance companies. Easily and effectively direct parking and crowd traffic with customizable directional A-frames to help fans find their way to lots, ticket booths and guest services centers.

Let us help transform your athletic department to MVP status today!