Optimizing Your Business Signage Strategy

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Annapolis, MD
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The FASTSIGNS team prides itself in providing a comprehensive start-to-finish range of services for all their clients. You could literally walk in the door knowing next to nothing about signage design strategy and we’d be both happy and capable of working with you to construct a branding plan utilizing our full range of high-quality, fully customizable products that best suits your corporate philosophy, budget, and marketing goals. Still, it might be helpful to have a general idea of compelling signage design before contacting your local FASTSIGNS office to streamline the process and make the most of our outstanding experts and services.

While the internet undoubtedly has the potential to reach a larger market than physical displays and print advertisements do, businesses both big and small simply can’t afford to ignore physical signage as an effective method of building trust with customers and clients. Try to think about it from your customer’s perspective—when they come to your office for meetings, what do they want to see? They want a reassurance that your company’s value is consistent and stable across the board. That’s where physical signage comes into play—it communicates that you’re committed to your corporate philosophy and take pride in what you have to offer.

In a case study conducted by the University of San Diego School of Business Administration, data indicated that it was signage, not word of mouth marketing or online ads, that were responsible for attracting a marked increase in new walk-in customers and a corresponding increase in overall sales over a one-week period. The lesson is simple: instead of investing all of your marketing and advertising budget to digital channels, diversify your branding efforts to include physical signage.

The general impact of your signage will ultimately be dependent on aesthetics—which is great news for FASTSIGNS customers who will have a whole host of highly-experienced content design specialists at their disposal in creating their marketing products. We’ll work with you to implement a distinct combination of colors, materials, contrasts, and sizes that perfectly suit your company’s overall tone and target audience. Whether you’re looking to make a powerful and bold marketing statement or a more sophisticated and refined branding approach, we have the industry expertise to create the overall tone you’re looking to convey to customers.

The implementation of physical signs is arguably just as important as the design process.  FASTSIGNS clients benefit from our comprehensive delivery and installation services that make the implementation process a hassle-free experience that doesn’t throw a wrench in your business operations. The FASTSIGNS installation team will ensure that all products are properly positioned and installed so that all the effort and time spent creating your intricate, visually-appealing signage will not go to waste. We’ll consider the viewpoint and lighting to maximize viewership potential and overall impact. While certain businesses may benefit from signage placed high over the building to attract traffic from the street, other corporations don’t always need to take the exact same approach. If your office’s location is tucked away in an office part or a more discreet area of town, you might see a higher return on investment by incorporating smaller signage at eye level.

FASTSIGNS will also handle any local regulations, permits, and building code restrictions prior to the installation process so there are no unexpected delays in getting your branding efforts off the ground—just another example of our total commitment to customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how  FASTSIGNScan optimize your branding efforts!