Protecting Exterior Signage From Inclement Weather

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Arbutus, MD - Baltimore
a storefront during a snow storm

With harsh winter storms right around the corner, the issue of protecting your exterior signage from the elements seems especially timely. Your signage represents a significant investment in your business or organization’s marketing efforts. Choosing high-quality durable materials like those used by FASTSIGNS and keeping them in good condition over the long haul are ultimately to your benefit. Even if you don’t live in a severe-weather-prone region, you can extend the life of your sign and increase your return on investment—a win-win scenario for your bottom line.

Begin by choosing a sign that’s built to last. FASTSIGNS has been constructing quality signage products right here in the U.S. for years. All of its outdoor signs feature built-in UV protection with industry-tested paint made to resist impact, chipping, and wear, so you know that you’re getting a product that will stand the test of time and look brand-new for years to come.

Make sure you choose a sign that’s suited to your physical location. Consider where your sign is going to be displayed. Do surrounding topographical or architectural features provide any shade from the sun or shelter from the wind? Or are you in a wind corridor where your sign will be particularly exposed to the elements? FASTSIGNS features a full line of fully-customizable building materials tailored to your specific environmental challenges that offer not only protection from the wind, but also from dirt and UV exposure that can cause signs to look dingy and yellowed over time. Our design and installation experts will fully assess your needs and help you choose the best option for your location.

If your sign isn’t that big, consider installing wheels that allow you to easily relocate your sign in case of inclement weather. This is a relatively simple and cost-effective solution for budget-minded small businesses. The additional benefit of adding wheels is that you can relocate your sign whenever you choose to ever-changing high-traffic areas where it will make the most impact on any given day. FASTSIGNS has a full range of sign sizes that can be easily fitted with wheels and physical moved without additional manpower. Constructed from heavy-duty, weather-resistant and rust-proof materials they’re also designed to withstand rain and strong winds.

If you’re a small business mainly capitalizing on pedestrian traffic, you’ll probably want to choose a smaller sidewalk sign. Despite their compact size, FASTSIGNS's sandwich board signs are remarkably durable and made from the same heavy-duty materials as FASTSIGNS roadside signs. That means they can withstand sustained strong winds and extended exposure to the elements. Due to their compact and cost-efficient design, these models can simply be picked up and carried inside—which offers you the peace of mind that they won’t be lost or stolen when you’re unable to monitor them at regular intervals due to bad weather.

Whatever your business’s size or needs, FASTSIGNS wants to be your signage partner. We offer industry low prices and design packages specifically fitted to your budget on Outdoor LED Signs. Learn more about our superior customer service and immense product line today!