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3 Ways to Use No Soliciting Signs

Author: Cynthia Nutwell

Many people welcome friends and neighbors knocking on the door, but want to discourage strangers from doing the same.  You can post “No Soliciting” signs at your doorway or on your driveway as a polite way to ask people to respect the privacy of your home or business.  

“No Soliciting” signs can be created in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be hung, mounted or placed in the grass.

A black and white no soliciting sign

Here are 3 Ways to Use No Soliciting Signs:

  1. Protect Your Privacy

Speak your mind with a “No Soliciting” sign that asks people to respect your privacy. Stop pesky solicitors from asking about your beliefs, but encourage your friends and family to stop by for a last minute visit. Let the message on your signage reveal what’s on your mind such as, “Thanks for skipping our house” or “Private property, no soliciting.”

  1. Minimize Interruptions

Keep your business or home operating at full speed by minimizing interruptions from unwanted solicitors. Find a clever way to say, “No thanks. We are good. We have everything we need.” Whether you already have a home or business security system or you want to encourage people to visit by appointment only, “No Soliciting” signs can deter people from disrupting worker’s productivity or resident’s privacy while they are going about their daily routine.

Improve communications by reminding people that solicitation is not allowed at your business location. From office buildings to hospitals and gated communities, custom “No Soliciting” signs discourage drop-in visits and encourage salespeople and vendors by appointment only. Prevent disruptions before they start with durable “No Soliciting” signs in materials such as aluminum, acrylic and PVC.  

  1. Encourage People You Want to Visit

Reassure your neighbors who you want to stop by to talk, but discourage panhandling with custom warning signs. Keep your signage upbeat with visual graphics that emphasize, “Friends and family are always welcome” and “Please, no soliciting. No exceptions.”

Use a custom framed sign that spells it out, “Welcome friend. We’d love to chat, but if you’re a stranger…please don’t knock.” Welcome your community’s youth to knock by stating “Children welcome, otherwise no soliciting.” Choose custom window graphics and decals with a clear message for your home such as, “Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts welcome” or “Unless you’re selling Girl Scout cookies, no soliciting.” Businesses can use wording including, “Notice: No Solicitation on Company Property At Any Time” to send a clear message.

Important note: No soliciting laws are created and enforced by local municipalities. Check the laws in your city or town for more information. Some municipalities require solicitors to carry government-issued ID and produce the ID upon request.

Don’t forget to say “Thank you” to those who read your “No Soliciting” sign. If you already have a “No Soliciting” sign, but it’s not working, attach it over a doorbell, hang it with the wreath hanger or place it in your flowerpot. You can also move the location of your “No Soliciting” sign throughout your building or site for maximum visual impact.