• Melinda Martin

    Graphic Designer
    First arrived at FASTSIGNS: 2010
    My role at FASTSIGNS: The graphic designer in the marketing creative department, I assist with visual branding messages for the FASTSIGNS® and SIGNWAVE® brands.
    About me: A die-hard Dallas Cowboys fan that grew up watching Tom Landry coach America’s team, I love to travel, have visited Hawaii more than 10 times and never miss a local U2 concert.

Great Design Equates to Great Business

by Melinda Martin

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Today's businesses know the importance of great design… or they should. Great design not only makes your letterhead and logo look professional, consistent and engaging but it goes deeper than that. A well thought-out business identity should tie in all your collateral and advertising so that it is instantly recognizable as YOUR brand.

First Impressions

A positive first impression is vital in business. A great looking, professionally designed logo and clean branding are an important part of your business’ first impression. Referrals come easier and new business will follow.

Great Design Instills Confidence

If your corporate image and brand is designed well, it will inspire confidence. Make sure your messaging represents your brand and your philosophies, culture, goals and mission statement. If your product or service has a benefit for the consumer, that’s good for business. Keeping the branding consistent is part of that good business sense and helps create a customer experience.

Successful Consistent Branding

I recall learning in college the importance of brand consistency. The Marketing classes I took spoke about building your brand with consistent and repeated usage so potential customers learn and remember who you are. Recognition and consistency can lead to trust. “Businesses rely on design to increase the quality of experiences.”

The User Experience

The user experience is also extremely important to success. A user-friendly design is more enjoyable than a frustrating website that looks pretty but doesn’t work. The user experience is not just a digital experience; your product must be designed well or your service must be easy to access and use. This is where the designer comes in.

Financial Value

Great design also improves your financial value. According to Forbes’ annual “The World’s Most Valuable Brands” list, Apple’s brand is worth $170 billion, while Google comes in at $101.8 billion and Microsoft rounds out the top three at $87 billion.

Design can be a powerful conversion tool. According to Adobe's State of Create 2016 report, 59% of businesses will choose a company over one of its competitors based on good design, and 45% have even paid more for a product or service with good design*.

The Whole Package

All public-facing elements of your business need to be designed well—from your logo, branding and website to your product and/or service and App. A good designer will research your brand, culture and message in order to create the best design for your company and best engagement with your audience. This process involves asking the right questions including: what makes your product or service different or important to the consumer? Discovering that answer will lead you to the reasons why customers are drawn to your brand and you can then capitalize on that.

As modern technology advances with virtual reality, augmented reality and the like, there will be even more need for a well-designed and consistent user experience, and a well-designed product or service that the consumer will expect to “work”.

Steve Jobs once put it:

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”



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