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Generation V(ideo)

by Melinda Martin

“It’s 2019, video needs to be integral in your brand strategy.
Your target audience (Gen V) *can’t live without it."

So, Who is Gen V?

I recently watched an AdWeek Webinar: Amplify the Impact of Gen V(ideo). This webinar was sponsored by Adobe so, while it was also an advertisement for Adobe Stock, there was some really great content to share that shed light on how a business can accurately target this audience.

Today’s younger audience is Gen V(ideo) and Gen V consists of Gen Z and Millenials. People of all ages have embraced technology simply because it’s so easy to get your hands on. Literally. Most everyone has a smartphone which means that ANYONE can be a content creator.

More TYPES of people are in front of AND behind the lens. More than ever, the line between creators and consumers is blurred. We are in a Creative Golden Age: anyone can and has become content creators.

More stories told = more creativity = more innovation.

A creative evolution is happening now; we have never been so connected to the minds of young people as we are today. According to AdWeek: By 2020, Gen Z will account for 40% of all consumers. Video is THEIR medium.

What is Creative Democracy?

This term was originally coined by John Dewey in a 1939 essay - here’s the wikipedia definition:

"Creative Democracy: The Task Before Us" is a 1939 essay by American philosopher John Dewey.[1] Dewey's essay was originally delivered as a speech by philosopher Horace Kallen on October 20, 1939, at a dinner in honor of Dewey's 80th birthday that he was unable to attend. Dewey argues that democracy is a way of life and an experience built on faith in human nature, faith in human beings, and faith in working with others.[2] Democracy, in Dewey's view, is a moral ideal requiring actual effort and work by people; it is not an institutional concept that exists outside of ourselves. "The task of democracy", Dewey concludes, "is forever that of creation of a freer and more humane experience in which all share and to which all contribute."[3]

What does that mean? Creativity is influenced by democracy - artists/creators explore the ways democratic practices affect them and in turn, they express these findings in their work.

The Current Creative Movement

We are a visual culture; change is increasing velocity and is constant; imagery shifts quickly. Brands have to know what is interesting to their audience RIGHT NOW and their future interests. Visuals are vital to connecting with consumers. Getting viewers interest and KEEPING it is essential to brand messaging.

Mobile content dictates what people expect and what they desire to consume: diversity, color blocking, vivid color, spontaneous and fun moments captured as opposed to staged or produced looks; a “snapshot” aesthetic. A real-world example of this concept: the Fashion world has traditionally dictated seasonal color trends but over the past year, there’s been a shift where social platforms are now the source of color trends.

Video is King

Across the board on all social media platforms, today’s viewers are drawn to video more than any other content type. The brain is hardwired to consume stories (according to science).

It retains consumers’ interest for longer and it takes time to play and digest. Why is video a great way to tell a story? It doesn’t just tell, it shows. Videos are actively searched for: online video accounts for 74% of all online traffic and it’s expected to rise. (KPCB)

Video is Effective

It engages all the senses and makes an emotional connection. Marketers are making the most of this medium and are creating videos that give fantastic or realistic depictions of characters, products, moods, places and time, the list goes on and on.

I find it interesting and exciting that many companies are partnering up to provide easy access to tools and resources for content creators to create new content to share in the market.

For example, GoPro has partnered with Adobe Stock and Adobe Stock users now have access to GoPro stock video (videos shot with drone cameras).

Last year, GoPro launched several programs to collaborate with their users and in return received some great video content to share with the world. They harnessed the passion and creativity of their users when they launched the GoPro Awards and their Million Dollar Challenge. They received over 20,000 submissions worldwide. They selected 66 clips from 56 people in 22 different countries and they all shared the million dollar prize. All skill levels were represented. You can view a video clip of all the winners by clicking here. 

Your Brand’s Story

When you tell your Brand’s story, your strategy needs to include video in the mix. Gen Z is the largest most diverse Generation in history and “can’t live” without YouTube. This generation is going to YouTube to learn something; a drive for self-improvement. Another reason they head to YouTube is to de-stress and watch a funny video or meme with friends and family. They experience stress from growing up, schoolwork, relationships and navigating life.

What Better Place to Tell Your Story?

One may assume the next generation is different from one’s own. Brands should realize that this Generation Z is dealing with the same issues of coming-of-age we all did. Technology just allows them different ways to express it. Marketers need to help educate and entertain them and prepare them for the future. Right now, today, businesses need to market their video stories on YouTube.

Check out the FASTSIGNS YouTube Channel

*According to AdWeek, 50% of GenZ say they can NOT live without youtube.




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