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Evolution of Brands – A Visual Transformation Over Time

by Vanessa Davidson

Like a rite of passage, the evolution of a brand is an event that marks a change to a new status, usually as a result of growth and maturity and wanting to be viewed differently. Keeping fresh is important for a brand, especially for those that have tradition and history.

UK-based Merlin Entertainments owns and manages 127 attractions, 19 hotels and 7 holiday villages in 24 countries. Each of these has its own branding profiles and challenges, which requires a comprehensive brand strategy for each property to incorporate text or graphic details that conform to the brand, but also result in a local feel. One such brand, Legoland, has undergone updates, renovations and even complete makeovers over the years, just as the original Lego logo has changed over the years.

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Lego submarine photo from Bump to Baby blog

Mingling brands can be a tricky feat, but Merlin Entertainments features uniquely Lego-inspired Sea Life submarine rides in Legoland in addition to standalone Sea Life Centers and Sea Life mini features within other resort theme parks.

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FASTSIGNS® Kingston was contacted to create graphic elements for the Atlantis Sea Life Submarine Ride at Legoland Windsor. Custom graphics that glowed in the dark under black lights fit the unique feel for the ride, as well as the Sea Life aquarium branding found worldwide.

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Eels, jellyfish and other sea creatures jump out of the inky black background; a special laminate was applied to protect it and all the graphic elements from the inquisitive little hands passing through the attraction.

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Managing a cohesive look is important as your brand communicates your company culture and brand personality, as well as your products or services.

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Updating a brand may impact multiple target audiences. A business may see employee morale improve as they work in an updated environment that visually communicates the company’s mission and goals more clearly. Customers may perceive your company as progressive when branding updates changes extend across your domain. 

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In 2013, ABC Labs needed a branding makeover to match their image to the company’s progress, growth and success experienced in the medical testing field. This encompassed all graphic communication indoors and outdoors: their monument signs, flags, banners, parking signs, dimensional lettering and trade show displays.

Evolution of Brands (3)

The first use of their new trade show displays garnered a “Best in Show” award at their annual industry convention.

Three years later, ABC Labs’ two facilities were snapped up by EAG Labs, propelling them into part of a global scientific services company—and another branding update.

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The evolution of a company's branding and visual graphics can be small and subtle, or dramatic and obvious, matching the level of change in messaging or product offering.  Either way, it’s important that your look and feel evolve as your company does. 



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