3 Tips for Making a Sign that Will Get You on TV

by Drue Townsend

You see them pop up on the Jumbotron or television in between crucial plays and the halftime show. Those dedicated, game day zealots with a knack for creativity and the know how to get the camera pointed squarely in their direction. For a fleeting few seconds these passionate fans have all eyes on them and the funny sports signs they’re holding up. For those of you who aspire to this type of primetime greatness, read on for some standout signage expertise that could land you in the national spotlight.

Make it “Pop”

FASTSIGNS Blog - Funny Gameday Sign of Nick Saban using shake weight

Identify a trending pop culture reference and pair it with your particular game day matchup for an eye-catching sign that is sure to garner you a highlight. The key is to make it timely and make it relevant.

FASTSIGNS Blog - Funny sign of Muschamp doing gangnam style dance 

For example, after the suspension of Josh Harvey-Clemons one Georgia fan showed up at a Tigers/Bulldogs game with a sign that read, “Georgia suspended my other sign.”

 FASTSIGNS Blog - Funny Georgia football sign from fan  

A good way to judge your game day signs is if you read them a year from now would you still appreciate it? If the answer is no, you’re doing it right.

 FASTSIGNS Blog - Funny Football sign spoofs occupy wall street 

Flatter the Network

FASTSIGNS Blog - Arkansas fan flatters ESPN with game day sign

Sure it might be considered low hanging fruit to play up to the network by cleverly spelling out station call letters in the lead caps of your message, but it works. We see these signs all the time.

 FASTSIGNS Blog - : CBS means champions built by Saban according to sports sign

It stands to reason that a cameraperson would advertise their station over a generic message to the masses. The key is coming up with something creative and staying away from the cliché. Pair this with the first tactic and you’re in an even better position to find your fame.

 FASTSIGNS Blog - Sports fan makes a sign to get on TV with ESPN 

Feel The Burn

FASTSIGNS Blog - Broncos fans jab Raiders with Biggest Loser sports sign

Anyone who caught the VMAs this year is well aware just how much controversy draws a crowd. It might be considered a low blow, but a direct hit will likely land you and your sign on network television.

FASTSIGNS Blog - : Funny sports sign calls out Roy Williams and Nickelback

FASTSIGNS Blog - Hockey fan makes ref look like an idiot with funny sports sign

Think about the shirtless man standing up in the dead of winter with a sign that reads: “You Think I’m Stupid? My Brother is a Raiders Fan!” Tacky? Perhaps, but he had his five seconds of fame, and you can too.

FASTSIGNS Blog - Packers fan uses funny game day sign to call brother stupid 


We want to see the funny sports signs you came up with on game day.