Best Romantic Proposals of 2014

by Jayme Nelson

Just because we find the beauty in a well-designed, and seemingly “boring”, safety sign doesn’t mean we’re not also suckers for a perfectly-executed proposal sign. None of these romantic proposals could have been executed without the help of some creative visual communications. This post is our favorite to bring back every year. Whether you’re looking for the most romantic proposal ideas or great examples of how a sign can change a life, you’ve come to the right place!

Best wedding proposalPhoto Credit: Derick Childress

North Carolina-based photographer Derick Childress took three nights to create this proposal written in light for his girlfriend Emily. Watch how Derick painstakingly made this image with more than 800 individual 10-second exposures on Vimeo .

Romantic wedding proposal

Josh really fell for Brooke. No, really. The sneaky stunt man took a four-story dive off a building during this daring proposal. Watch the full video here .

Best proposalPhoto Credit: Strava

A San Francisco man planned a very specific route for this romantic bike ride. He recorded his 80-minute ride with the route-tracking app Strava to propose to his sweetheart, Emily. Soon he may invest in a bicycle built for two, because she said yes!

Most romantic proposalPhoto Credit: The Daily Clog

Adrian Taghdiri and Tala Mohebi met their last semester at UC Berkeley. Six years later Adrian convinced Tala to visit the famous Campanile tower on campus with him. Little did she know he had been plotting an elaborate proposal for months. Adrian used aerial maps to plot the giant sign and cut letters from an oversize tarp. Friends helped him stake out letters in Memorial Glade, assisted by a passing group of students.

When Adrian finally had Tala look down at the sign and she said yes, bystanders around the square celebrated as the Campanile bells started ringing.

Romantic proposal

A behind-the-scenes tour of Monterey Bay Aquarium turns into a wonderful surprise when a family friend at the aquarium hands the bride-to-be a specially printed “event program” reading, “Amanda Jayne, will you marry me?” Watch the full video here and enjoy her sweet reaction.

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