Best Romantic Proposals of 2015

by Jayme Nelson

This is one of our favorite posts for good reason. Every year, the meticulous planning, fascinating creativity and flawless execution of wedding proposal ideas are taken to a whole new level. And 2015 was no exception, as technology played a key role in some truly amazing wedding proposal ideas. And of course, more traditional proposals never seem to go out of style. Whether it requires a full year of preparation or the cooperation of family and friends, romantic proposal ideas call for an understanding of visual communications. That’s where FASTSIGNS can help, but first, here are the best romantic proposal ideas of 2015.


365 Days of Proposals

Romantic ways to propose

Photo credit: Elite Readers

This proposal took some serious commitment and patience. On January 8, 2014, Jennifer’s birthday, Dean decided he wanted to marry Jennifer. But he would wait a full year before popping the question, recording a proposal on each day until January 8, 2015. You can see Jennifer’s reaction to his amazing proposal, in Aruba no less, in the full video here.


A Little Help

Romantic proposals in 2015

Photo credit: YouTube

Scott Worgan knows how hard it is for a parent to say no to a child, so he employed the couple’s two daughters to help ask his partner, Caitlin, to marry him. Scott hits this one out of the park with the use of some dramatic music, a little bit of humor and his daughter’s smiles to seal the deal. Watch the full video here.


A Family Affair

Romantic proposal ideas

Photo credit: How He Asked

On their one-year anniversary as a couple, James took his girlfriend, Tina, to three significant locations that marked steps in the development of their relationship; where they were introduced, where they first started dating and where they first kissed. But that wasn’t all. James had Tina’s family join the occasion at the final stop, standing behind her with a banner asking the question, “Dance forever?”, a reference to the lyrics of a song James played on the guitar.


Keep it Simple

Wedding proposal ideas

Photo credit: How He Asked

Sometimes, simplicity is one of the best romantic ways to propose. That was Alex’s strategy when he decided it was time to ask his partner, Faith, to marry him. The two former cruise mates decided to make it happen after Alex duped Faith into meeting a co-worker at the pier – one of the couple’s favorite spots. There were no co-workers awaiting Faith. Instead, Alex had crafted a few homemade signs to spell out the question.


A Pro’s Pro

Romantic wedding proposals

Photo credit: PGA Tour

Professional golfers are known for their intense concentration, which makes this proposal all the more incredible. Mark Hubbard, a PGA Tour rookie, was finishing up his opening round at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am tournament in California. As he tipped his cap on the 18th green, the LED leaderboard quickly changed to a simple and surprising message for his longtime girlfriend, Meghan. It should come as no surprise that Hubbard didn’t play particularly well that day. Check out Meghan’s reaction here.

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