Best Signs and Visual Graphics in Unexpected Places

by Christina Krenek

Yoga at the Airport

In a corner of Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, travelers may be surprised to find signs that point the way to a yoga studio. The window graphics of various yoga poses overlook the runway to create a unique, yet peaceful space for passengers to take a break.

 Yoga Signs 1  Yoga Signs 2

 School-Themed Restaurant and Bar Signs

With a restaurant concept aimed to deliver “An Education in the Art of Food and Beer,” the gastropub Public School creates a unique classroom-themed environment using signs and visual graphics throughout its space. Customers feel like they are back to school with flashcards and chalkboards surrounding the bar. The menus resemble school composition books and test scantrons. Even the take-out boxes are labeled as “Homework” and Happy Hour is referred to as “Recess.”

 Public School 1

Public School 2 menus

   Public School 3

Dallas’s BIG Campaign

In 2013, the Dallas Convention & Visitor’s Bureau launched its “Dallas BIG Things Happen Here” campaign, where it places life-size, 3-Dimesional signs of “B’s” and “G’s” around the city for people to take photos with and share on social media. The letters are regularly updated and change locations, so it’s always a surprise when and where a “BIG” is spotted. Click here to view some fun photos featured in the Dallas Morning News.    


 Scenery on Commercial Buildings

This commercial development placed exterior canvas prints of various nature scenes on its buildings, which creates a unique, artistic environment that you may not expect to see in an urban setting.

Commercial Dev.  

Commercial Dev. 2


Custom Labels and Giveaway Items

Attending celebrations and galas, you can expect decorations and party favors, but adding a custom element makes for the most memorable event. Celebrating its 20th anniversary, FASTSIGNS® of DTC in Centennial, CO created custom wine labels to thank their customers for their continued support.

FASTSIGNS DTC 20th Anniversary bottles

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