Behind the Process

by Drue Townsend
11-17-2016 11-16-49 AM

As a marketing guru for your business, you’ve been given a project. You must create an advertising campaign that captures attention, builds buzz in the community and generates brand awareness for your company. You have a few options. You could buy traditional advertising on TV or the radio. You could put feet on the ground and pass out fliers and buttons at local events to build a word-of-mouth movement. But you want to do something bigger, something more out of the ordinary that will really leave your mark.

You decide on installing a massive display – something that can be seen from a distance and captures the imagination of visitors and people passing by. You’ve made your mock-up drawings, but you quickly realize you won’t be able to do this by yourself.


The FASTSIGNS team is presented with these challenges every day. Most of our customers come to us with amazing ideas, and it’s our job to help them execute their vision. So here’s a glimpse into how it works.

  1. Contact Us

    There are several ways you can get into touch with a FASTSIGNS professional. You can call us directly at 800-FASTSIGNS, or you can find a FASTSIGNS location nearest to you on the FASTSIGNS website. The website also allows you to tell us about your project, share your vision and even get a quote for a finished product.

  2. Let’s Discuss the Project

    Bring your ideas in, and our team of graphic designers and experienced signage printing professionals can help enhance your vision. For your project to reach its full potential, we need to discuss how you see your project. What’s the purpose of the project? What does your brand represent? Are there any ideas or possibilities that have yet to be explored? Our sign printing capabilities can help you tell your story.

  3. Technology

    Once your project design is finalized, FASTSIGNS takes those plans and brings them to life. FASTSIGNS locations use the latest technologies in sign printing, graphic software and cutting solutions to produce a quality project from beginning to end.

  4. Site Survey

    Before installing your project, we need to know that its location is safe, functional and attractive. The FASTSIGNS team will look at a few factors, including structural stability, ease of mounting and access to electricity, among other things. Once these requirements are satisfied, we can start getting excited about finishing the job.

  5. Installation

    Your display is finished, and your site has been approved. Now it’s time to put the display in action. The FASTSIGNS team won’t leave you hanging. Our team of professionals has a diverse set of skills, including handling all of the hardware and any system requirements for your display. We’ll also work with you to install at a time that won’t disrupt business or employees.

    Your project, once just an idea and a drawing, is now a reality. All it took was a little creativity and teamwork to create a campaign that will resonate with your business and its customers.

  6. ***

    FASTSIGNS values the ideas of their customers and works with them to produce projects everyone can be proud of. You might be surprised by all of the possibilities, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with next! Let us know by calling us at 800-FASTSIGNS or finding a FASTSIGNS location near you.

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