Visual Confusion: Signs in Unexpected Places

by April Angele

Signs add organization and order to the world.  When in an unfamiliar place, one of the most welcomed sights can be an informative sign.

Although some signs are intended to be funny, many end up funny unintentionally by being unclear or because of accidental placement. Signs are meant to give direction to the reader.

Here is a fun look at a few signs that make a person scratch their head.

Traffic Signs

Directions are important – unless they don’t direct.

Confusing construction site signs

Warning Signs

These warning signs cause confusion.

Warning signConfusing fence sign

Simple Notice

When you want to get a point across, humor can be effective. We’re just not sure if this was intended to be humorous.

Confusing wayfinding signConfusing trash sign

What might we learn from these after we enjoy them?  Step back and look at your message in context of where it’s placed and get a professional second opinion whenever possible. For help from professionals (who also have a sense of humor when appropriate), contact the experts at your local FASTSIGNS center.

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