4 Trade Show Booth Ideas for Small Budgets

by April Angele

Whether you regularly exhibit at large industry trade shows to promote products or services or only occasionally participate in a small community event, there are many affordable and impactful ways to stand out.

Here are four trade show ideas that bring the sizzle but don’t burn up the cash.

1. Fabric displays are easy to pack, don’t wrinkle and travel well. Creating a top-to-bottom custom-branded presence makes a great first impression – and draws attention and feet to your display. Outdoors, colorful printed canopies can provide some protection for your materials and visitors from sun or rain.

Supercross Fabric Trade Show Display 

2. Have your graphics speak for you. Sometimes, it’s too expensive to send enough people to talk with every interested visitor. Telling your story with the right graphics, an engaging digital display, or even clever devices like the "ask me" sign above shows your interest in every person.

“Ask Me” Brand Representative Sign 

#3 Design a flexible, modular communications solution. Modular components allow you to clearly define your space and your purpose for larger or smaller areas, and to use different configurations with tables, banner stands, easel signs and more.

Kentucky One Cholesterol Screening Display

#4 Save money renting carpet or padding by having an interlocking printed floor or easily applied floor graphics. Floor graphics get noticed — and extend your brand for a more comprehensive guest experience. When the event is over, the graphics can be removed.

Fast Café Floor Graphics

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