How to Avoid Event Planning Madness

by Christina Krenek

Help attendees have a great experience and avoid potential problems during your next event by thoroughly planning and incorporating these important signs and visual graphics.


Get people to see you.

The event location needs to be clearly communicated and easy for attendees to identify. Make a statement at the entrance of the venue with large fabric signs, tent graphics, cut-out signs, banners and flags. Brand the exterior of the location using concrete graphics, posters, and window and door graphics. Extend the event branding to archways, columns, elevators and stairs.  


Help attendees find their way.

Ensure parking areas are clearly marked and people can find their way using A-frame signs, post and panel signs, fence graphics and archway signs. Use directional signs to point the way to designated entrances. Identify points of interest with hanging banners, wall signs and display graphics. Include large directories and map signs placed in key areas to help people get their bearings. Provide printed maps for people to take with them and consider using a mobile event app that includes a virtual map and venue information.


Ease traffic flow.

No event goer likes a disordered crowd. Keep foot traffic flowing smoothly by using clear identification signs and graphics. Add a digital kiosk or digital displays alongside waiting lines to communicate messages of interest and keep people engaged.  


Keep people safe and informed.

Make information easily assessable for attendees. Communicate safety messages, event information and activity schedules in various places around the event venue – on banner stands, digital signage, decals and printed materials. Consider implementing a SMS Text Message program that allows attendees who opt-in to receive timely updates to their smartphones.


Say thank you.

Remember to thank your event sponsors and attendees. Display sponsors’ logos throughout the venue using wall and floor graphics, banner stands, elevator wraps, fence graphics and flags. Present custom awards and plaques to recognize dignitaries. Give guests parting gifts and branded giveaway items such as totes, wearables, drinkware and koozies, which also reinforce your brand and event messages.

Giving attendees a great experience is at the top of every event planner’s goals; using the right signs and graphics can help make your event a success.