3 Strategies for Drawing People into Your Trade Show

by Jayme Nelson

trade show space

With attention at a premium and competition increasing, companies must make the most of every opportunity to build awareness and stand out. Before creating your next exhibit and display, determine your goals. Are you trying to increase brand awareness or launch a new product or service? Is your goal to sell on the spot or to begin to build relationships and gather business cards for follow up later? Once your objectives are defined, these three ideas will help you draw more visitors into your space at your next trade show.

1) First impressions are lasting. Make sure your messaging is clear and that your brand elements are used in a consistent matter. Use bold, bright graphics and interesting materials and shapes. Fabric is a flexible way to extend your branding and promotional graphics to a variety of surfaces including pop up frames, ceiling banners and table drapes. Digital displays can share motion graphics and inflatables are visual attention getters that can help you make the best first visual impression.

2) Provide a reason to linger by offering free WIFI at and around your booth. Advertise the WIFI password on a counter card and banner stand. Sponsor a rest area or a charging station next to your booth. Display your logo on custom printed carpet in the rest area. Provide branded water bottles for visitors to enjoy during their visit or to take with them on their way out as a subtle reminder of your brand message.

3) Offer educational opportunities that can reach your target audiences. Conduct expert interviews and broadcast live on social media or record for a podcast to share later. Use printed backdrops or wrap the podium or table the experts are speaking from to further brand the area.

trade show printed backdrop

Whether you are promoting your organization's products and services or simply seeking tangible business leads, the quality and types of exhibits and displays used at trade shows can directly affect how many people notice your space and your product. These ideas can help create an upbeat, energized atmosphere to draw people in and increase your return on investment and effort.

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