Checklist: 7 Signs and Graphics That Can Help Improve Workflow

by Jayme Nelson

You have a great team, good equipment and you provide a great product or service that people want. Now, how do you make sure you are using your staff efficiently and maximizing their throughput? Are there bottlenecks? Are processes and expectations clear to everyone involved and are these reinforced everyday? Do potential hazards slow things down? Consider this list of signs and how they can be incorporated to help improve your organization’s workflow.

1. Wayfinding Signs Ensure people, vehicles and deliveries get where they need to be. Route motor vehicle and foot traffic in and around your property with wayfinding and directional signs.


2. Identification Signs Visually organize your facility with identification signs that help clarify work areas, specific departments and visitor areas.


3. Display Boards Outline project specifications, show renderings, share protocols and more on display boards posted in visible areas.


4. Scheduling and Project Management Boards Keep your team up-to-date with the most current information, project milestones and upcoming deadlines using job management boards.


5. White Boards Encourage collaboration and communication among team members with white boards.


6. Safety Signs and Graphics Mark hazardous and restricted areas with wall, floor and door signs and graphics.


7. Labels and Decals Label equipment, machinery and helmets to identify property and to promote safe operation.


This list is just a starting point. There are many different types of signs and graphics that you can utilize to keep people, materials and processes moving efficiently and safely. Visit with your team and assess your current workflow systems.

Using these signage ideas as the foundation, create a plan on how to eliminate bottlenecks and improve communication, as even small changes can add up to big gains.

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