How Wayfinding Signs Handle the Job of Keeping People Safe

by Leah Edwards

The beginning of a safety mindset starts with determining specific locations that visitors, employees, patients and others, in and around a facility should use extra care when navigating. The next step is providing the proper wayfinding signs and visual graphics around those particular spaces. Here are four ways that wayfinding signage can help create safer places to work, visit and live.

Use Signage To Lead the Way

By implementing clearly-marked entry and exit points on a campus, building or site, people can quickly and safely find their way. The moment people arrive at a location can often be one of confusion and uncertainty, and wayfinding signs can help put them at ease.

exterior wayfinding signs at medical center

Reign in Safety With Perimeter Signage

Perimeter signage can also direct foot traffic around restricted or dangerous areas, as well as provide crowd control at events.

Not an Exit’ fence signs and standalone directional signs

Prepare People for Potential Disasters

Ensure people know where to go - and not go - ahead of an actual emergency by having wayfinding signs in place.

wayfinding signs for tornado shelter

Include Safety from the Ground Up With Floor/Concrete Graphics

Signs and graphics placed at foot level can alert walking traffic to cautionary information and provide pedestrians with helpful information such as transportation zones.

floor graphics indicating safe and unsafe standing locations

We all agree that safety is important and that’s where visual communications experts enter the scene. Ready to begin transforming your environment into a safer space with wayfinding signs? Call FASTSIGNS®. We are more than ready to help.