Sign Spotting: Road Trip Signs

by Amanda Honey

Ask anyone, and they will probably tell you there are two important aspects to a road trip; your destination, games you might play and the playlist you listen to while getting there. If you are going to stop and eat or visit a new attraction along the way, you’re likely to pick from the options in plain sight. In order to stand out along the highways, these businesses and towns got creative with their signage to draw more attention and tourists. Here are four actual signs spotted during a road trip that left a memorable impression.

1. Eat Good BBQ

It’s not every day that “horrifying” results are promised for lunchtime! With this funny sign, this local Texas barbecue restaurant makes you smile while letting you know that they have been serving up good food for a long time.



2. Why Am I So Intrigued?

If your town is located off of the main thoroughfare, you need something interesting to grab a driver’s attention. While “boring” isn’t usually promising, this sign in Oregon is unexpected enough to spark your curiosity.



3. Now I’m Thirsty

There are many options for stopping along your route for a refreshing drink, even at a gas station. If you were a local business, how would you attract customers? This soda bottle stands above the rest at a traffic-stopping 66 feet tall. With its brightly colored neon rings, it’s also a perfect Instagram shot if you happen to pass by it in Oklahoma.



4) Make Your Mark

One way to make sure people remember visiting your town and encourage them to return is by making it easy to create memories there. This art installation in Texas allows visitors to stop and add their own creative touch to the buried Cadillacs. It is different and creates a fun photo opportunity.



Keep in mind, the next time you go on a road trip you might want to allow extra time to try a new restaurant or explore a town with a funny name. Don’t worry about planning every little detail out beforehand, be adventurous and know there will surely be a sign to tell you where to go.