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How to Tell Your Business Story With Signs

Author: Jayme Nelson
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We all enjoy hearing a good story, and it’s even better if that story is true. That fact extends to nearly everything we do in life. It keeps us entertained, informed and connected to our family and friends. Creating a story that resonates is also a sound business principle. A good story can attract new customers and keep existing customers connected to your business. So how do you tell your story when time is limited and attention spans are short? It’s at the very heart of how visual communication works. Here are a few ways to tell your business’ story with signs.

Outdoor Signs

When you were young, you were taught to never judge a book by its cover. But that never kept anyone from picking up the shiniest book on the rack. Remember that when designing your business’ outdoor signage. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should use neon colors and obnoxious messaging if it doesn’t fit. The story has to be believable. But your outdoor signage should reflect your style and product. Think about your colors, font, logos or slogans and the image those present. Where a sleek restaurant prefers to reflect refined minimalism, a fast food restaurant just wants to grab attention as quickly as possible. Your business is the main character, and it has to be likeable from the start.

In-Store Signs

Whether it’s retail, entertainment, restaurants or any other businesses that host customers, your indoor signs tell the meat of the story. Your customers are already engaged and willing to listen, so you have time to expand on your business’ story. These signs can come in a few different forms. Businesses with multiple locations often display a picture of the original location. Other businesses have figureheads, or even mascots that are given unique bios (think Colonel Sanders or Papa John). These indoor signs are developing your business’ personality and getting customers to emotionally invest in an authentic experience. It’s how your business walks and talks, and indoor signs are the best way to communicate that experience to a big audience.

Office Signs

From startup businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and even sports franchises – they’re all talking about “building a culture”. What they’re really talking about is telling a story that everyone can buy into. It’s an all-encompassing atmosphere that inspires loyalty and enthusiasm. One of the most important factors in building that culture is telling the business’ story in the workplace. If you have a company motto, place a wall graphic at the office entrance to inspire employees. To honor investors or former employees, install a donor wall or hall of fame as a sign of appreciation. Literally tell your business story with an oversized wall timeline of company milestones and anecdotes. Creating a well-developed business story is a sign to potential or existing clients that the beginning is every bit as important as the end.

How does your business tell your story? Does it connect with customers? If you need more ideas on how to tell your business story through signage, contact your local signs experts at 800-FASTSIGNS.

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