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Types of Brand Personalities

Author: Christina Krenek

Every business has a unique brand personality, even if you don’t realize it at first. Is your brand forward-thinking and pioneering, or more established and traditional? Does your company use a playful approach or is it more reserved?

Successful brands know how to make a lasting impression by expressing their personality throughout all aspects of their business—from their location’s signage and company vehicles to marketing materials and product packaging to interior décor graphics and events.

Take a look at your brand personality. Does yours fit under one of these four types, or possibly a combination?

A collage of advertisements for the Scram brand


Organizations with friendly brand personalities value approachability and kindness. They want to keep their customers, employees and target audience smiling. Brand colors and logos are more likely to be bright and warm to reflect optimism and cheerfulness. Personable brands also tend to communicate in a casual, carefree tone and are more likely to incorporate humor.

A collage of images for the Marian University brand


Using a more traditional approach, professional brands emphasize structure, knowledge and expertise. Whether it’s an established corporation, academic institution or other specialized company, brands with professional characteristics communicate confidence and composure. Cooler colors and a formal, straightforward tone are typically used throughout their branding and visual communications.

A collage of images sharing Garden on the Wall's branding


Breaking boundaries and leading new ventures, modern brands value innovation and enthusiasm. High-tech branding encompasses a fresh look and feel with clean lines, bold colors and clever use of white space.

A collage of images showing the Goodwill branding


Is your brand devoted to giving back and bettering the community in which we live? Helpful brands are! These philanthropic brand personalities reflect peacefulness and a caring attitude using nature-inspired colors and graphic elements. Their brand messaging is compassionate and thoughtful.

Once your brand personality is clearly defined, it’s important to fully encompass those qualities and reinforce them with your customers, employees and in your community using strategic visual communications.

Reflect your brand personality using a full range of signs and visual graphics including dimensional letters, branded window graphics, colorful wraps for your company vehicles, custom awnings and banners or flags hung around your location. Extend your branding further using digital displays, promotional items and printed materials.

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