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Five Places Your Office Needs Environmental Graphics

Author: Renae Fogarty
Break room

With both Earth Day and Arbor Day coming up this month, April this is an excellent time to bring a little green into the office. Visually appealing workplaces can inspire and energize staff and there’s nothing like the beauty of nature to brighten up your office. Environmental graphics make it easy and affordable to give any space a creative kick. Here are five places in your office environmental graphics can make a big impact:

1. Florescent Light

Overhead florescent lighting is efficient for office settings but can sometimes feel harsh. Soften light banks by placing specially-designed vinyl graphics over them. They can feature anything from a blue sky filled with fluffy clouds to a jungle canopy. These are especially popular in dentist and doctor offices, so patients can enjoy a serene scene on the ceiling rather than staring into a bright light.

tree wall graphic

2. Floors

Non-carpeted floors are a blank canvas. Floor decals and graphics can provide visual interest along with practical directions. For example, a trail of paw prints on the floor of a doggie daycare could lead customers to the play area for pickups. Natural elements and organic shapes especially stand out in modern industrial spaces with concrete floors.

3. Urban Windows

In a crowded urban environment not every window has a great view. Put up a window cling or custom window shade with a beautiful vista to keep the natural light while blocking the view of the alley dumpster. Employees can enjoy imagining a tropical island, majestic mountain or quiet forest right outside the building.

4. Break Rooms

Office break rooms are meant to give team members a place to unwind a little. Make this space even more relaxing by adding a full wall decal with a peaceful nature scene. Employees will feel rejuvenated after a 10 minute coffee break in your beautifully decorated break room.

Break room

5. Meeting Rooms

Whether you’re pitching a potential client, brainstorming or developing a new strategy, a dreary meeting room isn’t conducive to meeting your goals. Inspiring environmental graphics can spark creativity and make meeting rooms more appealing. Consider any of the graphic products listed above to give your space a facelift.

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