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Welcome Signs for New Employees

Author: Vanessa Davidson

Starting a new job can be intimidating. New surroundings, new people and a new position can make even the most outgoing people just a bit uncomfortable. But businesses are starting to understand that there’s more to welcoming new employees than just giving out the company handbook and setting up their email. It’s an opportunity to introduce their new team member to their company culture and expectations. Here are a few ways that businesses are making new employees feel at home on their first day.

Rule Book

A large sign with funny House Rules

Photo credit: Tradeshift/Office Ninjas

OK, so immediately giving a new employee a rule book may not seem like the best idea, but consider putting a twist on the traditional book. In the photo above, we see a display laying out the “House Rules”. Instead of emphasizing keeping a tidy desk or other standard office directions, this creative sign listed interesting or motivating mottos from current employees. These fun pieces of advice introduced the new employee to some of the guiding principles of the company while taking the edge off of the typical rule book.

Name Plaque

A plaque lists an employees name and role

Photo credit: FASTSIGNS

“Remember that a person’s name is to that person the sweetest and most important sound in any language”. – Dale Carnegie

While a name plaque won’t sound a new employee’s name, it can recognize them for their position and importance within the company. Making sure a new employee feels valued is important in getting them off to a strong start, and a name plaque can give them confidence while introducing them to their new coworkers.

Office Goods

A box of office supplies branded with the company's logo

Photo credit: Visual News

The most obvious onboarding gift for new employees is an assortment of office supplies. Pens, pencils, notebooks, staples, calculators and any other item necessary for them to do their jobs are a good start. But don’t stop there. Include secondary items like branded coffee mugs, water bottles and bottle openers. These items provide value for life in and outside the office. 

Branded Clothing

A tank top is branded with the Uber logo

Photo credit: The Poshmark App Pinterest

One of the most popular trends in onboarding is giving new employees branded clothing, and for good reason. Everyone enjoys free clothing and a branded item can be a great advertising tool, creating business awareness and building cultural cachet around the community. But where most businesses fall short is giving a new employee a low-quality t-shirt or hat that will be left in the closet. If possible, spend a few extra bucks to give the new employee a quality hoodie or clever t-shirt that isn’t a blatant marketing initiative. Your new employee will be happy to wear their nice, new shirt, and the curiosity around your brand could lead to increased interest in your industry.

There’s nothing wrong with traditional onboarding materials and activities, but businesses should consider their process an opportunity to further build their company culture when it comes to employee signs. Incorporating a few of these approaches can make new employees comfortable and confident in their new position, while also potentially extending your brand outside of the office. If you’re a business owner or office manager, ask your current employees what worked and didn’t work when they came for their first day. If you need more information on workplace signs, plaques or promotional materials, contact your nearest FASTSIGNS today!  

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