Event Planning

How Directories Are the Heart of a Better Experience at Big Events

Author: Jayme Nelson

Make wayfinding even easier with digital and print directories.

Planning an event involves many moving pieces. Like the human body that is an intricate makeup of various cells and signals, sign directories are like the heart of an event. They are the powerhouses when it comes to housing the information needed for your event communication strategy. A component of wayfinding, a directory helps people better navigate their way around your event, which can play a key role in helping them have a positive experience—and in labeling your event a success. So how does a directory maintain a steady pulse for your event?

Guides Visitors On the Go 

The heart gives support where most needed. In the same way, digital wayfinding goes beyond physical directories used; send event goers online to an event app that provides real-time updates, as well as checklists, event alerts and 3D maps. Include a link or download instructions on the physical directories at your event, so attendees know that the navigation assistance can continue from their handheld device. 

Provide More Information

The heart communicates through the circulatory system. Similarly, at events, there is always a great deal of information to communicate to event attendees, sponsors and staff. Utilize digital directories to provide more information than what can be displayed on a static sign. Include event agendas by the day and hour, as well as any other details that might be helpful such as local weather and traffic conditions. 

List and Promote Sponsors

The heart is a giver, transporting nutrients through your body. Events can be great places to show your giving side. Offer opportunities for participating vendors and event sponsors to be seen on all event directory signs. Display the names and logos of key sponsors at the bottom of static directories and in the alternating content of digital directories. 

Enhance Safety

Event health, just like heart health, involves keeping people safe. Directories at events can communicate emergency routes, identify safe gathering areas and shelters. Keep participants better informed as a key component of your event’s safety plans. 

Effective directories are the life force of your event, as they help keep all visitors well-informed and guide them where they need to go. Incorporate them into the overall sign and graphics plan for your next large event to encourage a better overall experience for attendees, sponsors and staff.