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Lost and Found 2020: Get the End of Year Bang for Your Buck With Signage

Author: Leah Edwards

While businesses have weathered a variety of challenges in 2020 and some may have scaled back financially, now is the time to take heart and take a closer look at your budget during the home stretch of the year. According to a study on the U.S. Small Business Administration website signage is the least expensive, yet most effective form of advertising available, and there are actions you can take to position yourself and your business in the best light possible for 2021. Increasing visibility, remaining top of mind and making an impact is achievable even on a pandemic budget.

standing banner

Thank and Assist the Customers You’ve Already Got 

Thoughtful yet affordably printed gifts can go a long way this holiday season to communicate your gratitude for the customers you do have. Renowned author, Maya Angelou, said, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Whether it’s a custom-printed promotional item or a handwritten card or clever postcard, these simple gifts can speak volumes after a challenging year.

In addition, many have “use it or lose it” lines in their budget or may need to finalize gifting for tax implications. As a result, the end of the year is an ideal time for you to review any COVID-compliant signage needs that can help you stay on brand as you look optimistically toward 2021.

Attract New customers and Employ Signs to Convey Positive Emotions

Attract and keep your prospect’s attention as they drive by your business with Exterior Banners and Flags. These eye-catching pieces are ideal for promoting new hours, sales, and promotions.

exterior banners and flags

With consumers still active on the roads despite uncertainty, take your brand’s message to them with vehicle graphics. There’s no better way to build brand awareness and visibility with every mile driven.

vehicle graphics vehicle wraps

Whether you’re in sunny Florida or frigid Minnesota, having the right exterior signs during this holiday season will be absolutely necessary for your business. Now that you’re open and back to business, it’s essential to communicate with your customers and clients visibly. Nothing says we are dependable and here to stay like a monument sign. These signs convey feelings of security and permanence about your brand and can help your customer develop greater trust. 

monument signs

Plan for Those Who Will Come in 2021

When thinking about the future, consider new ways that customers will be shopping and moving about both during the holidays and into the new year. With less conversation and congregating happening due to social distance, visuals such as interior and exterior window graphics and flags or banner stands in waiting rooms or lobbies can provide a focal point and touchpoint for a prospect.

window graphics and banner stands

Much like the working world was thrown quickly into navigating modern technology, consider digital signage as the perfect option that can be more quickly updated and relevant for an ever-changing marketplace. From video to flexitive ads, the next generation of consumers expects to be entertained. If you’ve noticed that you still have marketing dollars left over due to COVID-19, investing funds here just might help tip you into a brand new demographic and better prepare your organization for the future.

digital signage digital board signs

Are You Ready for the New Year?

No matter what 2020 looked like for you and your business, you still have time to leverage funds by investing in signage to give you a headstart for 2021. What sign and graphics projects are on your to-do list before the year closes out? What year-end deadlines are you and your team struggling to meet? 

A visual communication plan could be the much-needed and efficient solution for your business or organization. Call FASTSIGNS today for last-minute 2020 visual communication needs.