Farmington High School wall graphics

Farmington High School

Modernizing a School With Branded Signs and Graphics

The Challenge

Farmington High School wanted to create a modern campus experience as they rolled out a new logo and began construction. They wanted the lobby and gym to make a great first impression, and be functional and durable.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS® met with key personnel to identify the types of signs needed for the new buildings. The new logo was used in many places, while phasing out the old one, including on specialty items such as vehicle hang tags, bumper stickers, flags and t-shirts to gain buy in from the students, staff and community.

Printed acoustic tiles were added in the gymnasium to make a great first impression with students and fans, and had the added benefit of noise reduction. Graphics added to the student section bleachers and trash cans further extended the branding. When glass tile proved to be too expensive to use to build the exterior of the concession stand, a graffiti-free wall wrap was used to ensure that any unwanted writing could be easily removed. Other wall graphics, a desk wrap and a table wrap were added to the athletic department lobby and conference room.

Farmington High School parking pass

Farmington High School branding

Farmington High School office sign

The Result

After seeing all of the improvements, other department heads wanted improvements in their own areas . Farmington High School continues to hear great comments from students, staff and alumni as people have embraced the new look around campus.

FASTSIGNS of Farmington, NM is owned by Kim and Mark Coufal.