FASTSIGNS of Dundalk Gets Updated Equipment

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Dundalk, MD
Staff with equipment

Franchisee Ramps Up In-House Technology and Capabilities

In his 11 years in the sign industry, franchisee Jim Bartucca has seen that the technology and quality of the machinery has changed drastically. The end goal has always been to make signs that last as long as possible. The new equipment they have purchased over the past 6 months is far more dependable, and they are now at 99% zero defects due to better engineering.

“Because of specialized software, our scheduling has become much more precise,” said Jim Bartucca, franchisee at FASTSIGNS® of Dundalk, MD. “We have digital tracking of every single job and the different stages of production that each project is in.”

Bartucca’s team has an incredibly low turnover, and the accomplishment they’re most proud of is the way all of the Tradepoint Peninsula businesses have depended on them for signs. From Amazon, FedEx, Home Depot, and many others, the 'Point' has become a national distribution center for Fortune 1000 companies, and they continue to trust FASTSIGNS time and again with their communication needs.

“Our skill set has grown with the wide variety of diverse projects we have taken on,” said Bartucca. “Since everyone here is a career employee, we keep the accumulated knowledge we've gained.”

Since Dundalk is a highly industrialized area, business is growing all the time. They are proud of how they've become the 'go-to' business for traffic signage, both the manufacturing and installation of it. They’re consistently called upon by large construction companies such as Arco, Kinsley, or FCL to interpret and price from blueprints. They also assist large paving companies like Gray and Son, and Potts and Callahan.

The sign industry is filled with professional technicians. Research and development is rampant in the sign industry with constant change to products and process. Therefore, they have to keep a keen eye on what is happening and their new equipment will allow them to expand their capabilities.