FASTSIGNS of Easton Featured on WFMZ TV

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Easton, PA
Mike Woodland

Franchisee Mike Woodland Shares Sign Business Experiences During Pandemic

Mike Woodland, co-franchisee with Kevin Harayda, at FASTSIGNS® of Easton, PA was recently featured on WFMZ TV in an interview about the work that he and his team have been doing throughout the pandemic. The interview highlighted the various cycles of customer activity. These first began with essential business signage in the early stages of COVID-19 for customers needing help. The second wave they experienced was graduation signs toward the end of the school year and into the summer season. The back to business phase was the next peak as the community began to reopen, and finally, the most recent phase has involved signs as schools are preparing to open during the Fall 2020 semester.

Woodland noted that they aren’t introducing anything new as people know the rules, but rather signs are a reminder for customers, attendees and visitors in various settings for how to stay safe, healthy and informed. Despite the challenging business economy, Woodland shared how fortunate he was to have work. It is encouraging to note that businesses are still opening during this time and several have come to FASTSIGNS® of Easton, PA for their signage needs.

To read more and watch the entire broadcast, visit the link here.