Community Spotlight

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Cincinnati, OH - Highland Ave.

As part of the FASTSIGNS© Cares community outreach program, FASTSIGNS® of Cincinnati, OH - Highland Ave. recently visited a local school on career day to discuss the importance of signage in our community.

In a hands-on presentation, Nate Wolf, a sales project manager at FASTSIGNS® of Cincinnati, OH - Highland Ave. showed the elementary kids different types of signage like channel letters, dimensional letters and acrylic signs. Nate had the children each apply printed vinyl decals to their own stop sign to show how to install digital graphics on a substrate.

From Mrs. Balk, the kids' teacher.

"Thank you for taking so much time to prepare and present your talk with us today.  The kids were so interested and especially ecstatic about making their miniature stop signs.  I heard a lot of “stop!” in dramatic play for the rest of the afternoon!  You really made the whole field of sign-making come alive for the class.  Your props were great and the amount of time you spent was perfect."

Signage is everywhere. It helps you find a local restaurant, announces important new construction projects and guides you to a hospital emergency room when you need it most. The career day was meant for the kids, but we got so much out of it and it reminded us why signage is an important part of our lives.

Thank you kids! You made our day.