Meet the Staff

  • 149-368-Kevin

    Kevin Mengel

    President and Owner
    Kevin has owned FASTSIGNS of Exton and King of Prussia since 1992.  He is motivated by his ability to communicate his client’s messages with innovative signs and graphics. When he is not running his center, Kevin stays active by running the streets or doing anything else fitness related. 
  • 149-368-Chris

    Chris Mengel

    Vice President of Operations
    Chris has been with FASTSIGNS since 1999. Operating a FASTSIGNS center can be challenging but Chris enjoys it because his job is dynamic and fun.  In his free time, Chris enjoys playing baseball with his son and building projects.
  • 149-368-Nick

    Nick Silvano

    Certified Sales Executive
    Nick has been using his clairvoyant skills to deliver the perfect visual graphics solutions to FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia’s clients since 2009.  He enjoys getting involved in his clients’ signs and graphics challenges and empowering them with signs that sell.  After a long day of selling, Nick enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports.
  • 149-368-Carrie

    Carrie Mengel

    Certified Sales Executive

    Since 2009, Carrie has been using her imagination and creative skills to develop visual graphic solutions for FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia’s clients.  She finds that developing the perfect solution for each client is very rewarding and enjoys that each job is different and the ideas for solutions are limitless.  In her free time, Carrie channels her creativity into drawing.

  • 149-368-Virginia

    Virginia Apostolacus

    Visual Communications Specialist
    Virginia has been with FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia since 2013. She enjoys the versatility of working with different clients and helping them discover the perfect solution for their sign and graphic challenge.  Outside of work, she keeps busy with photography, hiking and gardening.
  • 149-368-Fabiano

    Fabiano Lupo

    Visual Communications Specialist
    Fabiano has been with FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia since 2013. He enjoys having the opportunity to help clients solve their communications challenges and finds it rewarding when he is able to give them the perfect solution.  When he is not at work, he can be found outside doing things like hunting and snowboarding.
  • 149-368-Olivia

    Olivia Grimley

    Graphic Designer
    Olivia has been creating beautiful signs and graphics for FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia since 2008. She loves that she her job allows her to be creative and that every day is different.  A true artist, Olivia paints in her free time.
  • 149-368-Steven

    Steve Dogan

    Print Operator/Graphic Designer
     Steve has been with FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia since 2012.  Doing both jobs can be challenging but Steve finds it exciting and fun.  Steve is also a connoisseur of food and likes to eat.  Ask him what his favorite dish is!
  • 149-368-Ray

    Ray Hunter

    Production Specialist
    Ray has been a Production Specialist for FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia since 2013.  He enjoys that his job allows him to stay active and finds producing the perfect sign or graphic solution for clients rewarding.  Plus, it’s fun!  Ray is a musician so when he is not making signs, he is making music.
  • 149-368-Ty

    Ty Matias

    Ty began installing signs for FASTSIGNS of Exton & King of Prussia earlier this year.  He loves that his job is hands-on and interactive, and he loves the satisfaction of installing each sign or graphic perfectly.  When he is not installing signs, he enjoys staying active with disc golf.