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At FASTSIGNS® Alexandria we offer a wide variety of golf tournament signs & graphics but also gifts and giveaways to help you promote a successful golf tournament.

The importance of promotional items to charity tournaments cannot and should not be overstated. Budgets vary, but having provided signs & graphics to over 150 golf tournaments since our center opened in 1991, our advice is to not skimp on promotional items and giveaways. If gifts are done right, they don't cost the event anything – they actually make money for the event. For example there is a product called the "Scramble Pic”, A rod that picks up the extra golf balls for the group playing in a scramble golf outing. The value is advertising space: 20 logos can fit on it, with each sponsor paying for placement. The item sells for $20, but you can easily get $50 worth of sponsors on each stick.

Gifts and prizes are key to golf events, and in fact, are the reason many people play in events and return again the following year. There are four primary areas that you should focus on when providing golf gifts and giveaways:

  • Tee Gifts: These are participation gifts that are given to each golfer at registration. Hopefully the sponsor pays! The gap should encourage the participant to want to come back the next year. The higher the entry fee, the better the gift should be.
  • Winners Gifts: In charity events, most play in teams of four. Gifts are presented to first, second, and third place finishers. For higher end tournaments, we recommend a nice crystal gift, like a clock or trophy that will be kept and displayed. These awards help bring people back – they're motivation to participate!
  • Sponsor Awards: These may be the most important items! They can be crystal or utilitarian, and they do not need to be golf themed. For example, branded Sherpa blankets for individual sponsors. If the sponsor is corporate, we recommend a plaque or award that can be displayed on the walls of the office to demonstrate the level of commitment to the charity or event.
  • Volunteer Gifts: The volunteers work hard, and you want them to come back too! T-shirts are a common choice, but food or wine could also be a good choice, depending on the budget.

Can coolers, tumblers and stainless steel bottles, sunglasses, folding chairs, umbrellas, sports packs and more are all top sellers favored by tournaments. Given the length of time spent on the golf course – minimum four hours – what better way to save the day than with a power bank for your phone, or a Bluetooth speaker to play music!

Fun contests, a professional feel, and a great atmosphere and look are what players will remember when deciding which tournaments to attend each year. A typical charity golf outing has about 80 golfers and raises $5000. That isn't a lot of money because golf planters don't take the proper approach. People think the proceeds come from the golfers when in fact, if done correctly, the money comes from sponsors. At FASTSIGNS® Alexandria we have helped provide instruction on how to raise that number to $20,000+ using the same amount of work as those who raise $5000. Events always need to look larger than they are and signage & graphics need to be positioned to have maximum visibility and impact. People are willing to donate money; be creative with how you ask!

Finally, these are some budgeting questions that you should take into account for your event: How much do you want to raise? What type of player do you want to attract? Which golf is appropriate for your event? How much will your players be willing to pay? Are you using high resolution color sponsor logos? How many signs do you need and are the signs large enough for effective sponsor logo impact? Are you offering enough value to achieve these goals?

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