Event Planners & Strategic Signage: A Match Made in Heaven

Author: FASTSIGNS® of Annapolis, MD
a woman poses next an event sign thanking sponsors

Valentine’s Day may have been a few months ago, but Cupid himself couldn’t have crafted a better love story than that shared between event planners and signs. And with spring right around the corner, that means it’s prime season for a wide range of outdoor gatherings, from weddings to corporate retreats. Listen up event planners: a smart strategic signage design can make or break your get-together. It’s the difference between a confusing, disorganized, and ultimately forgettable event and a structured, captivating, memorable collaboration that forms lasting connections and takes your business to that sought-after next level.

The best approach to developing a successful signage strategy is to be prepared for anything. Every hotel and conference center has some level of stock signage in place, but you shouldn’t rely on it as the primary source of directions for your event. In an increasingly advertisement-centric society, effective signage has to stand out and capture the attention of your attendees. That’s where FASTSIGNS comes in: regardless of the venue—be it outdoors or indoors—or the clientele—from sophisticated to happy-go-lucky—we have the tools, expertise and “the customer’s always right” attitude to make your next gathering the talk of the town. Here are some pointers on how to incorporate FASTSIGNS’ comprehensive range of services into your strategic signage design.

First Things First:

Don’t wait for attendees to enter the venue without providing them with adequate direction. Highly-visible, energetic entrance and parking signs are not only critical for making sure attendees park and enter the building at the right spot, but also for generating excitement for your upcoming event. Trust me; you don’t want to be the unlucky guy greeting someone who just walked a mile because they parked on the wrong side of the building! A great signage strategy begins at the first place a guest enters the property grounds. FASTSIGNS offers expertly-designed signs and graphics to meet all your visual communications needs from vehicle graphics to building signs to decals and everything in between to ensure your guests know where they’re going.

Add Flexibility to Your Signage:

This is a simple trick that will save you a lot of hassle on event day. Post a few strategically-placed general direction signs you can move as needed throughout the day. Some crowd traffic patterns are impossible to predict, and having the flexibility to post directional signage in a pinch can save you from an organizational nightmare. With a wide range of interior décor signage design options, FASTSIGNS can help you make a statement within your given space with a vast array of personalized products. Make a great impression on visitors at the reception desk with stunning dimensional letters and colorful, printed floor mats. Liven up your walls with oversized wall murals and fine art prints. Wrap your interior tables, counters and lamp shades with tasteful, colorful graphics. Use elegant, printed window shades and frosted vinyl door graphics to extend your brand image and personality. Provide easy to read menu and display boards, digital kiosks, directional signs and floor graphics to inform and direct your customers.

Make Sure Your Signs Stand Out:

A common gripe amongst event planners is the lack of quality signage provided by hotels and conference centers—so why not just take responsibility yourself? Of course it makes sense to take advantage of the in-house options available, but don’t forget that you might have to share some of these resources with other events on the property. Branded signs that stand apart from the subtle venue signage are much more distinguishable for your guests. People tend to walk right past house signage, so make sure your brand or logo is clearly displayed to attract attention. In today’s increasingly digitized atmosphere, the perfect solution is FASTSIGNS interactive and digital signage services that will stick in your guest’s minds long after event day. Project your message to the right people at the right time with digital signs from FASTSIGNS® of Annapolis, MD. We can help you spread your message with interactive digital displays, SMS text and mobile websites. Eye-catching digital and interactive signs attract attention with colorful and captivating content. Digital messaging can introduce new products or services, inform students about campus programs, promote offers and events, recognize staff achievements and much more. Digital signs can boost sales, offer a high return on investment (ROI) and ultimately lead to greater customer satisfaction.