Dumbbells for Wedding Bells

by Kaitlyn Fischer

Hello old friends! We’ve taken a little hiatus from the blog because, well… life. Things have been moving a mile a minute between juggling the two growing FASTSIGNS centers, wedding planning & the actual wedding, a brand new nephew and everything in between! All that aside, it’s time for us to finally post about something we’ve been passionate about outside of signs. 


Fitness and nutrition has always been important to Aaron and I, after all, we did meet on an online nutrition forum.We both grew up playing sports and having really active childhoods. As we got older, moved away from home and started drinking beer on Friday nights rather than suiting up for a game both of our health started to slip. 

Post college, separately, we both discovered CrossFit and the benefits of having a strong supportive community of like minded people. When we met, we thought we were both in fantastic shape and living a strong paleo driven life… eh, not so much. 

We discovered the Ketogenic diet and our lives changed. Together we’ve lost a combined 80lbs over the last 2 years, mostly through diet and very little exercise. Now that we’re getting ourselves fit for the wedding, we’ve made it a point to regularly work out. We prefer home-based workouts that we can do on our own time at our own pace. 

This has brought us closer and it opens our minds to creative problem solving during our work outs. Gaby and Bob would both agree. You can find Gaby in the pool brainstorming before 6am every single day. As for Bob, he’s either hitting the gym or taking the family dog for a hike all before a cup of coffee. 


Share with us your go-to outlet for problem solving - we’d love to learn what works for others!