Interior Signs

4 Ways to Extend Your Brand to Your Interior Decor

Author: Kat Gallagher
wall graphics

Want to transform your work environment? Extend your brand, create a culture and enhance your interior decor in one or more of these four ways.

  1. Wall Murals
    Add quotes, images or logos to your hallways, conference rooms or service area walls to create a theme or express the personality of your business inside your workplace. This dental office created a relaxing environment to help their patients feel like they were on a beach with the ocean in front of them and the sand beneath their feet.
    wall graphics
  2. Floor Graphics
    Put graphics on your staircases and in hallways. Floor graphics can add color and interest to an otherwise mundane area, as well as identify a particular part of the building or campus, provide walking directions and communicate brand messages.
    stair graphics
  3. Table Graphics
    Add messaging and color to tables. Wrap conference tables, dining tables and desks with a specific theme or brand message. Differentiate your conference rooms and creative spaces by designing a theme for each room and apply graphics that match. Not only can it help create and extend your culture, it can also help identify rooms and areas around your space.
    table graphic communication
  4. Glass Graphics
    Add graphics to your glass conference room or office walls. By adding your logo or branding, you can make a statement and give your employees some privacy while still having an open area concept. You can also have graphics printed on glass collaboration boards, further extending your brand.
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