Signs That Tax Day Is Upon Us

by Jayme Nelson

Caffeine Crowds

In the U.S., the line at your local coffee shop may seem a little longer on Tax Day (April 15) when income tax returns are due to the federal government. If those around you are a bit more tense, practice patience as tax season abates. A little more patience and understanding is something we could all benefit from year-round.

Busy Post Offices

Think all tax returns are only filed online? With close to a quarter of all tax return documents mailed in the last week of tax season, you can expect the post office to be a little more hectic than usual.


Patriotic Sign Spinners

The best sign spinners (also known as “sign wavers”) have high energy and work to capture attention. Often toting directional signs during tax season, it is now becoming a tradition to see enthusiastic sign spinners dressed as the Statue of Liberty , adorning the sidewalks and directing viewers to nearby tax professional offices. Or maybe you’ve noticed a sign waving machine in action.  

Stressed Accountants

With good reason, your accountant and tax professional friends may be stressed and cranky at this busy time of year. With a seemingly endless workload, long hours and looming deadlines, give your accountant friends a break… and maybe a hug. 

New Purchases

From finally replacing your office’s homemade signs with professional ones to DIY projects and home renovations, people around you seem to have a bit more cash on hand. That is, for those who actually received a refund. Everyone else? They may need a hug even more than your accountant buddies.  

What other signs of tax season can you think of?