Engage & Educate Employees with Digital Communications

by Catherine Monson

The good news: American employees are currently more engaged in their jobs than at any point in the last five years.

The bad news: Still more than half of American workers (51%) are “not engaged” in their jobs, according to a monthly Gallup poll.

Those numbers have business owners looking for innovative ways to keep employees in the fold. While some analysts are blaming smartphones and social media for employees’ lack of interest, many businesses are embracing digital communication. Here’s how digital signs are engaging and educating employees.


Giving and receiving praise has proven benefits. According to a study published in 12: The Element of Great Managing by James K. Harter and Rodd Wagner, employees are more productive and more likely to stay at a company when, in the past seven days, they were recognized for good work. A prominently posted LED screen is a great tool for giving that praise. Give a boost to an employee by posting their picture and why they’re being recognized.


Motivational Display Board

Photo credit: Digital Signage Connection

A sales-driven environment can be very competitive. Many auto dealerships post employees’ monthly or quarterly results. Digital signs allow businesses to modernize their sales boards, allowing results to be posted in real time. Use charts and graphs to highlight trends or show if your team is approaching or have surpassed sales goals.

Digital Sales Board

Photo credit: Cyfe

A digital sales board allows for easily customizable content. Posting a daily motivational image or quote can keep employees focused and ready to get to work. Digital boards also are able to play videos, creating a more dynamic and versatile way to engage employees.


Maybe the most important use for digital communication in the workplace is safety awareness. On any given day, only a handful of employees are up to date on emergency procedures. Digital screens are big attention grabbers that can help employees familiarize themselves with fire exit plans or safety precautions during security issues or dangerous weather threats such as hurricanes or tornadoes.


Electronic News Board

Photo credit: fourcast

Use electronic display boards to keep employees updated on company initiatives and news. Employees perform better when they understand their role in accomplishing company goals. Broadcast the business’ big-picture objectives, and employees can see where they fit within the plan.

One of the great advantages of digital signage is the ability to stay current with messaging. A simple weather feed or scrolling news display adds a sense of urgency to the work atmosphere and keeps employees present in the workplace. A work calendar can be displayed to remind employees of upcoming deadlines, holidays, parties or volunteer opportunities.

Instead of shunning electronic signage boards in the workplace, businesses should be finding ways to incorporate digital content into their day-to-day operations. Using digital signage is a proven strategy for engaging employees that combines modern technology and traditional motivation. Update signs and screens can go a long way toward building a work community that employees are proud to be a part of.




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