Fathers, Sons and FASTSIGNS - Happy Father's Day

by April Angele

“Forget Batman: when I really thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wanted to be my dad.”  ― Paul Asay

The third Sunday in June is a day designated as Father’s Day in many countries worldwide to celebrate fatherhood and the influence of fathers in families and society. Young children traditionally make cards or give neckties to let their fathers know they are appreciated, while adults often reach out for a special phone call or visit with their father. Occasionally, though, an adult child has the opportunity to celebrate a new and deeper relationship with a father because, in one of the oldest familial traditions in the history of mankind, they are part of a father and son business.

Family business signs

No longer simply passing down the farm to the eldest son, today’s business opportunities are a much wider range, but the pride, trust and connections between father and son are just as strong as ever. As part of FASTSIGNS’ recognition of the father and son teams who have already made FASTSIGNS franchise business successes, a podcast series featuring father and son teams from Leeds, England, Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada, and San Antonio, Texas, USA, is being released this month.

Contrasting with those father-son duos that have been growing their FASTSIGNS centers for years, though, is another father and son embarking on their first business venture together with one of FASTSIGNS’ newest franchise locations opening in New Braunfels, Texas.

Father & son business signs
Cole and Robert Ragsdale, FASTSIGNS of New Braunfels

After retiring in Bay City, Texas, Robert Ragsdale was looking for his next business venture to be something new and different. Having already had several franchise businesses as investments where he did not have day-to-day involvement, he knew a franchise model had strengths and support he could depend on. This time, though, he wanted to go into business and work alongside his son, Cole.

“FASTSIGNS was a family decision,” said Robert. “We did a lot of research. We were looking for something we could do together.  Cole was involved in this decision, of course, so it’s a good fit for the whole family.”

Planning to open just after this year’s Father’s Day in early July, Robert and Cole have been deeply engaged in learning every aspect of their new business.  They chose New Braunfels because they’ve owned a home there and they regularly visited as Cole grew up.  Both father and son were interested in finding a community that offered both generations business and personal opportunities, so New Braunfels felt like the perfect place to open their first FASTSIGNS center, with plans already made for expansion into San Marcos. Both Ragsdales cite the enormous growth in the greater San Antonio area with the largest planned subdivision underway in New Braunfels as indicators of business success for their FASTSIGNS centers.

“I really like that we have so many products and services to sell, and that there are so many ways to continue to grow,” said Cole. “There are just so many options for how you want to grow your own business.”

The ever-changing nature of the sign and visual graphics industry and strong growth history of FASTSIGNS had the perfect appeal to this father and son pair. Robert likes that they have the opportunity to learn every aspect of the business from the ground up as they build.

Fathers and sons are a time-tested model for a successful business based on a level of trust that can’t often be found outside of family. Knowing their relationship will evolve at work as their business grows but also at home as their relationship deepens, is something they are both eager to experience … for a while.

“Not real soon, but in a few years, I’d like to start working toward retirement,” said Robert. “Twenty years from now it will be a lot stronger company and I’ll be in a rocking chair and he’ll be running it all.”

Father’s Day is celebrated this year June 19 in all countries in which FASTSIGNS has a franchise presence except Australia.