Reaching Students on the Modern Campus

by Vanessa Davidson

School is back in session, and that means college students everywhere will be back on campus and in the classroom. And If you haven’t seen the modern college campus, it’s something to behold. Whether it’s stunning architecture, futuristic learning technology or spectacular visual displays, colleges and universities are stepping up their game when it comes to enhancing the student experience. Take a look at how a few innovative schools are connecting with students through college campus signage.

Creating Community


Photo credit: Texas A&M University

Years ago, the most common way to promote a campus event was to use bulletin boards and classroom chalkboards. Now, most college campuses are transitioning to a shared digital space, where organizations, clubs and departments can broadcast event descriptions, times and locations to the entire campus. These digital screens are strategically placed in dining halls, libraries and commons to get the word out to as many students as possible. Promoting these events can help students take ownership of their student experience while also forming a strong bond between students, faculty and their community.

Virtual Classrooms


Photo credit: New York University

Virtual classrooms are offering students the opportunity to share, discuss and debate with other students from across the globe. These classrooms are equipped with multiple digital screens, video cameras and microphones that make presentations and class discussions a shared experience. These classrooms not only create a dynamic learning environment, they also help bridge a social gap, where local customs and cultures can be shared and more clearly understood.



Photo credit: Emory University

Many displays on the modern campus are as much art as they are informational guides. This impressive donor wall displayed at Emory University’s Woodruff Library uses multiple forms of content to call attention to current and past donors, as well as recognizing notable alumni and current student achievement. By incorporating the digital screen into the wall graphics, Emory is able to offer interactive features and change the content at a moment’s notice. Forget the standard bricks in the floor. This is the way to actually recognize your donors.

Environmental Awareness


Photo credit: University Business

Many schools have adopted advanced technologies on campus in an effort to cut energy costs and promote a campus-wide, eco-friendly culture. One way campuses are encouraging more efficient habits is through visualization dashboards. These digital college campus signs show students how much energy they’re using and from which sources. While the information is interesting, it’s when these dashboards are used for competition that we see true results. Organizing dorm or deparment competitions are effective motivators, and the visualization dashboards serve as a running scoreboard. 

Attract New Students


Photo credit: Higher EdTD

Higher education is an increasingly competitive industry, and attracting new students remains a top priority for administrators. Upgrading your campus technology can produce the “wow” factor that may separate your school from the rest. Students are looking for more than just an education. They’re looking for a modern playground, where they can take advantage of the resources that only a serious institution is able to offer. For example, West Virginia University uses its video board in the student union to display visitors’ names and welcome them to campus. We expect these creative uses of digital and social media will continue to shape the future of college recruiting.

It’s time to explore the possibilities that these technologies offer to today’s students, but maybe more importantly, what they offer for generations to come. Contact us at 800-FASTSIGNS, and let’s get started on upgrading your college campus signage!

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