Light Up Your Visual Marketing Strategy with Illuminated Framed Graphic Displays

by Jayme Nelson

Illuminated framed graphic displays provide a unique way to shine a light on your brand message. Sleek and attractive, these displays do more than just frame your products; they are also energy efficient.

Glow from Within

Provide a welcoming touch in your building entrance or lobby by placing wall-mounted displays to show off company accolades or share mission and values. Create feature walls with multiple panels showcasing products throughout the interior of your space.

Table top displays are ideal for showrooms where they can educate visitors and potential customers, promote specific services and help reduce perceived wait time. Place a freestanding display in a high-traffic area or incorporate them into your overall wayfinding system.

Distinctive Graphic Displays

Spotlight Your Message  

Attract attention from those walking or driving by your business with double-sided hanging displays in your windows. Advertise your latest real estate property or promote seasonal sales. Entice potential patrons from outside your restaurant by showing your current specials and housing menu boards in external-facing windows.   

Day or night, the lighting element adds visibility to your brand using minimal electricity. These displays can stay lit for up to 66,000 hours, run on six watts of LED power and plug into a 110 electrical outlet.

From the outside in, create a better first impression, promote your products or services with more impact and more effectively point the way with these beautiful illuminated displays.

Learn more about illuminated framed graphic displays, and view custom examples in our product gallery.