Cherry Creek Athletic Club

The Challenge

Even established businesses need to keep up with the trends. That’s why FASTSIGNS® approached longtime customer Cherry Creek Athletic Club with a unique idea to modernize their lobby entrance.

Cherry Creek is a premier athletic and health club in suburban Denver, Colorado with a 100,000 sq. ft. facility. The athletic club is an oasis of activity in an urban setting and features a year round lap pool, yoga, personal training and court sports. The variety of club activities and programs at Cherry Creek has required a host of marketing solutions, from banners to flyers and postcards, to educate and inform members about the latest offerings. The club needed an innovative way to communicate their messages to the high volume of foot traffic that walks (and sometimes runs) through the fitness club’s lobby.

The Solution

FASTSIGNS worked with Cherry Creek’s Marketing Director Clayton Millice to develop an eye-catching way of communicating information to their audience. “We have over 4,000 members. For a while, print advertising ruled my life. I was going back and forth from [a print shop] trying to stay caught up with all of the events and programs that we had each month,” Millice said. FASTSIGNS stepped in and helped Cherry Creek Athletic Club with a visual communications solution to capture the attention of members, guests and staff who visit or work in the club. A new digital kiosk is the perfect technology-based communications tool for Cherry Creek and literally stops people in their tracks. And, the kiosk has met the club’s goal of communicating with members in a timely, efficient manner. FASTSIGNS’ Andrea Hair said that prior to the installation of the digital kiosk, her team switched out banners in the club every month. “A banner sign is great, but digital graphics have much more impact in this huge athletic club,” Hair pointed out. “Cherry Creek loves the digital kiosk and we knew it would be more impactful than a plain banner stand.”

Not only has the club moved from banners and print to digital signage, but FASTSIGNS has also introduced Cherry Creek to new ways to get their messages out in a high-tech way with the cool piece of equipment. The motion of the digital kiosk is mesmerizing and the digital display enhances the fast-paced atmosphere of the fitness club. FASTSIGNS has helped Cherry Creek to build brand and message awareness by adding graphics, animations, photos and logos to the digital kiosk. Cherry Creek’s digital kiosk communicates many different monthly promotions for the club. The content includes Cherry Creek’s membership info and special events notices such as 4th of July promotions at nearby Infinity Park.

“I love the digital kiosk and the members love it because it’s crisp, clean and easy to read. And, my budget is looking much better to boot,” Millice said.

Cherry Creek wall sign

Cherry Creek digital signage

The Result

The FASTSIGNS team also provides interior signage, postcards and banners for Cherry Creek, but the digital kiosk solution has elicited the most positive reaction ever. “The digital kiosk from FASTSIGNS has made my life so much easier! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars each month on posters and flyers, I can upload images and display them in the lobby in a much more professional fashion,” Millice said. Hair also said that the digital kiosk also serves the purpose of a sales tool for the athletic club. She said that the club has a goal of increasing membership and wants to stimulate awareness of the different classes. The kiosk has streamlined the marketing process for Cherry Creek Athletic Club. “If you are looking to cut costs in marketing for your business, I would totally recommend a digital kiosk. It has certainly worked for me,” Millice remarked.

*FASTSIGNS® of Denver, Colorado is owned by Andrea and Jerry Hair.