Unique Signs and Graphics Enhance Upscale Assisted Living Facility

The Challenge:

The Landings at Lutheran Haven needed unique signage for their newly constructed, upscale assisted living facility focused on wayfinding to help visitors and residents easily navigate the property and identify rooms. Overall, the project needed to incorporate consistent design across interior and exterior spaces.

Lutheran Haven

The Solution:

FASTSIGNS® created a comprehensive solution for the living facility that kept wayfinding and branding top-of-mind. The approach included a directory sign for easily navigating around the property in conjunction with hanging post and panel signs that referenced Marketing Info, Fellowship Hall and more. Dimensional lettering was created and installed for the building facade/main entrance and side entrance that highlighted the address and door number.

On the interior, FASTSIGNS added custom-designed, multi-layered acrylic signage mounted directly to the wall for ADA Braille signs, and building identification signage, with some featuring room numbers. Keeping wayfinding top-of-mind, FASTSIGNS designed, produced and installed both wall-mounted and ceiling hung signs in the same design type with customized dimensional icons specific to each function in the common areas. The Lantern and Lighthouse signs were added above dining rooms, the Book Nook sign hung in the library and the team added a similar sign for the Lite Bites Cafe. Additional signs in the cafe included countertop informational pieces and a 3-D design installation added to the front portion of the food bar area. The Information Station sign for the mail area, as well as signs that said The Parlor, The Deck and Styles and Smiles, for the facility’s salon, were produced in similar fashion and mounted directly onto the wall for area designation. As an informational piece, FASTSIGNS added an easy-to-change application inside the elevator that displayed the recent calendar of events.

One of the most unique items was the Spa Room Privacy Panel to partition the reception area from the massage area. The client had requested a "3 form" embedded resin panel that exceeded their budget. For about half the cost, FASTSIGNS produced a similar type panel by printing a full color image on one side of 3/16" clear acrylic and mounted frosted/etched vinyl over the image. Afterward, FASTSIGNS installed this into the window-like cutout of the wall with specialized hardware.

Lutheran Haven signage

The Results:

The customer was incredibly pleased with the results, and the signage greatly enhanced both the decor and atmosphere of the facility as well as the functionality and utilization of all areas. Successfully completing this project with the client's total satisfaction allowed FASTSIGNS to work on the facility’s monument sign and exterior wall/fence signage as well as other small projects.

*FASTSIGNS of Central Orlando, FL is owned by Renee Friedman-Goldstein and Richard Goldstein