YNJ Langley

FASTSIGNS Coquitlam collaborates with Invision Creative to give energy and warmth to the newly renovated YNJ using quality vinyl wall graphics.

YNJ using quality vinyl wall graphics

Above: Large floor to ceiling vinyl wall graphic printed and installed by FASTSIGNS Coquitlam at YNJ.

The Background

Invision Creative is a boutique team of designers, strategists, and developers introduced to FASTSIGNS Coquitlam by a mutual client. In the past five years, the two businesses have worked together on numerous projects, the most recent being Langley Regional Airport. (YNJ), Langley Regional Airport is a centre of excellence for the helicopter and aviation business and welcomes 100,000 rotary and fixed-wing traffic movements a year. The newly renovated building is a unique, all-in-one design, a 55,000 sq-ft three-storey combination building that includes a new airport control tower.

The Challenge

YNJ approached Invision Creative to come up with ideas to create an engaging space inside the empty building. The central atrium is a large, multi-flex space. The design solution must be adaptable for multiple usages other than a waiting area or the limited use it will see during the COVID19 pandemic.

The Solution

Invision Creative designed large scale floor to ceiling graphics and washroom signs to add warmth and interest to the empty space.

The wall graphics feature angular line drawings. The angular shapes and gradations create the illusion of depth on a bright orange background. A dynamic and straightforward representation of the aviation and helicopter industry for which the airport is known. The result is energetic without being distracting.

Vinyl wall graphics are relatively inexpensive and can be removed or expanded when needed without damage to the structure and at minimal expense.


Above: Before shot of the large wall space at newly renovated YNJ.

YNJ vinyl wall graphics

Above: The above wall space after FASTSIGNS Coquiltam installed floor to ceiling vinyl wall graphics at the newly renovated YNJ.

FASTSIGNS Coquitlam used a high quality 3M wall graphic that would guarantee the correct colour requirements on a product that will withstand the longevity of both cleaning requirements and the wear-and-tear of public space.

The walls were prepared with a gentle sanding and cleaning before FASTSIGNS Coquitlam’s certified graphic installer professionally hung the panels with precision alignment.

before graphics

Above: Before shot of empty wall space at newly renovated YNJ.

after graphics

Above: Wall space after FASTSIGNS Coquitlam installed floor to ceiling vinyl wall graphics at the newly renovated YNJ.

The Result

The result is a bright space that reflects the business of aviation while remaining flexible and cost-effective for further expansion of the design or a refresh down the line.

“Why do we work with FASTSIGNS Coquitlam? Because they deliver quality, and on time,” says Evin Dosdall, key principal and creative director at Invision Creative.

YNJ using quality vinyl wall graphics

Above: Bold washroom wayfinding signage at the newly renovated YNJ, installed by FASTSIGNS Coquitlam.