Italian American Club of Hilton Head Island

Custom Oven meatball madness graphics

The Challenge:

The Italian American Club of Hilton Head Island needed to promote their upcoming efforts of cooking the world’s largest meatball for consideration in the Guinness Book of World Records. Excited to participate, FASTSIGNS of Hilton Head/Bluffton offered their support by donating their expertise with the upcoming event.

The Solution:

Taking on the challenge of cooking a record-breaking meatball, the Italian American Club decided to build a custom oven that would be housed on a trailer. FASTSIGNS proposed a special wrap as unique as the oven, that would help pique the interest of the community during parades and other local events.

The team underwent research and testing with a local oven fabricator to ensure the wrap design would not interfere with external temperatures. The approved design was carefully installed on the colossal oven, turning it into an attention-getting, rolling promotion for the upcoming record-breaking meatball challenge.

Italian American Club

Italian American Club

Custom Oven

Custom Oven for meatball

The Results:

The wrapped oven became a visual centerpiece for the Italian American Club of Hilton Head’s meatball cooking event. Drawing in interest from those who saw the trailer at the event site, many people stopped by the night before to watch the lengthy prep and cooking process. Best of all, the record was successfully broken. The club used their wrapped oven to cook a meatball that came in at a whopping 1,707 pounds and 8 ounces, crushing the previous record of 1,110 pounds and 7.84 ounces.